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Anna's POV:

After I came from Mark's Room,

I still visualize his body, especially those 8 packs...

It's a dream of every girl to get a man with Gym body.

I blushed to myself when I imagine him with his 8 pack.

I am thinking about what Mona said yesterday,

That she will talk to us about our relationship after the trip.

And she also mentioned about our marriage, if we are ok with each other.

Did Mark really like me?

Or he is just taking care like a friend?

But I feel he likes me...

If he said ok for marriage, then I will definitely say Yes...

Because It's the last wish Ria asked me to do... When we last met before her death.

Even though Mark is really a good person,

He takes good care of me,

The only problem is when he is getting angry,

I didn't like him when he is in anger.

Actually, I was scared of his anger.

I know it's my mistake that,

I went to his room without his permission and sat beside him and walked out when he is asking for the reason...

I am responsible for his anger...

From now on,

I don't make him angry because of my stupid acts.

What if, we get married?

what all the things he will do with me after our marriage?

I think he will enjoy sex with me...

If so, I will definitely cooperate with him how he likes.

I am imagining that we are having a sex life after marriage,

I can still remember his kiss on the night of the party when he was drugged.

He is very passionate about kissing..,

My face was Blushed with Red.

Meanwhile, my thoughts were interrupted by Mona.

Mona: Hi Anna, What makes you blush?

(She winks with one of her eyes)

Anna: No, I am not blushing.

I am thinking about the language that I am packed or not.

Mona: Hoo..,


Anna: Mona...

Stop teasing me

(I blushed and laughed again)

Mona: ok ok,

Come let's finish our lunch.

Hey.... What's this..?

It's an iPhone...

Wowww Anna....

Is that yours?

Anna: I nod my head as Yes

"Mark gave me this phone today morning"

(My face was Blushed when I am saying)

Mona: Ho Hoo...

That's the reason. My Juliet is blushing...

Anna: (I turn to Mona in a serious note to stop teasing)

Mona: okk., But remember what I said to you, Anna.

I will ask both of you after our trip.

I wish both of you will agree,

Then I will be the most happiest one on this earth.

Anna: Mona...

What if, He doesn't like me?

Mona: Did you like him?

Anna: That's not the answer to my question

Mona: He don't lose such a beautiful, pretty, cute princess Anna

He definitely says Yes.,

I know that.

I am worried about your decision.

Now tell me,

Did you like him?

Anna: why you are asking now..?

You said you will ask after our trip...

Mona: yeah...,

But I just want to know your opinion, at least a clue...

Did you like him?

Anna: (I am blushing when Mona is asking about Mark..,

Meanwhile, our discussion was interrupted by a familiar voice)

"Are you done with your Girl talking?"

(We both turn to the door...

It's Mark...

And Tom

They are standing and staring at us,

I act normal)

Mark: "We need to have lunch First...

You both can continue your chit chat at the airport"

He said very arrogantly...

Tom: Yes Mona.., We are running out of time...

Come fast...

Mona: yeah.., let's go, Tom

(She said and I followed her when we both are passing between Tom and Mark...

Mona pinched Mark Hand and said " Nice iPhone Mark"

Then immediately Mark looked at me with narrowed eyes...

I immediately pass between them and drag Mona to downstairs, both Mark and Tom follow back slowly..,

Anna: Mona...

Please don't make me embarrassed before Mark...

Mona: I love to tease him, Anna..,

Don't worry...

We all had our lunch and we started to the airport by car...

All of us we

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