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xclaims, meanwhile Sitos stays silent with the same expression.

"Well, you heard him, Kaister. You should've gotten a red piece of paper from Teacher Moria, right?" Drugo confirms.

Red paper…? Moria…? Oh, so his name is Moria! I reach for the red slip of paper in my pocket and hand it to Drugo, who takes out five other pieces of red paper and adds it to that pile. He turns around, walks towards an unfamiliar adult, and hands the paper to him. My eyes wander around the scenery surrounding me.

Hmm… Everyone is in groups of six; I wonder why that is? Drugo comes back with six pieces of yellow paper in his hand, giving each of us one. I scrunch my forehead as I stare down at the yellow piece of paper in my hand. "Umm… What's this for?"

"We can get food from over there with this slip of paper now. Since you weren't here for the instructions, we'll explain it to you while we eat." Drugo explains.

We go to where there's food spread out on top of several tables. A giant pot of soup catches my attention, prompting me to grab a bowl nearby, eventually going back to the pot. My drool leaks out of my mouth as the rich smell of the broth enters my nostrils. I take the ladle in hand and begin serving myself the soup scooping up pieces of beef and soup into my bowl until it's full. When I finish, I get a spoon from the silverware table and look around. The rest of my group is already seated on the ground, so I sit with them with the bowl of soup in front of me.

Drugo starts to explain the meaning of the red and yellow pieces of paper, but I lose focus scooping the bits of beef in my soup. I verify that it's real, genuine soup. Tears suddenly down my eyes when I think back to this morning.

"…Kaister are you lis… Did I say something bad?"

"Huh...? Oh, it's nothing!" I wipe my tears with my arms. "Sorry, I wasn't listening. Can you explain again from the beginning?"

Drugo sighs. "Okay, pay attention this time."

I pick up my spoon and viciously eat the contents of the soup while Drugo explains, "Well, basically there will be goals for each day. When the first objective's met, you're given a red slip of paper, and when the second goal's met, you're given a yellow slip of paper. Each person has to obtain it individually on their own. On those days, everyone in the same group must present their yellow tickets to eat for that day."

He momentarily pauses to pick up a piece of sliced steak on his plate. He chews and swallows a piece before continuing, "Today was a freebie, but in the future it could be an individual activity we have to complete or a group activity."

I slurp up the last of the soup and stare down at the bowl in dejection. "I see… So it was my fault you guys were starving... Actually, I was—"

"Training, right?"

I look up and raise my eyebrows. A cold chill runs down my spine when I make eye contact with who just said that. My lips shake as I anxiously stare at Sitos. No way… Sitos saw me?

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