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"Kai…" someone says in a familiar voice.

I open my eyes slowly, noticing that my vision is blurry for some reason. I smile in front of a warm nostalgic face before saying, "I missed you…"

I lean towards her while preparing my lips for a kiss.


I stop right before I reach her lips. Suddenly, the clattering of a wagon resounds in my ears, and I feel small vibrations from under my bottom. Am I in…a wagon…? That's right… I decided to take a nap and…

I close my eyes and open them again several times, slowly realizing that the person in front of me is Irene. My face gets progressively hotter. I lean back towards the right corner of my seat in a hurry, still feeling my heart beating abnormally loud. That was a close one… I almost kissed Irene thinking it was her in a dream. Oh shit, was I awake when I said that?

I gulp as I make eye contact with Irene. "Irene, did you call my name?"

"N-no… Why?" Irene asks as she sits back in her seat. She's looking away from me.

What's she so nervous about…? Did she hear what I said? Why would she lie? I avoid looking at her directly. "Ne-never mind… What were you doing just now anyway?"

"Um, I thought you were crying, so I leaned in closer to make sure. Then suddenly you leaned forward…" Irene blushes as she puts her hands on her cheeks all while turning completely away from me.

My face cools down when I make the connection. Oh, that's why she's nervous… I'm being too paranoid about this…

I sigh. Wait… I'm crying…?

I knit my eyebrows together as I touch my face with my hand. Huh…? Tears…? Why was I…

I look down on the ground and discover the white mask I wore earlier. I furrow my eyebrows and stare intently on the mask. We use these masks whenever we carry out our mission. It's a white mask with open eye sockets with a black snake on the right side. The tail of the snake starts on the same level as the mouth, around the cheek it has one curl, and the rest of the body runs upward towards the top portion of the mask. The head is turned towards the center of the forehead with its tongue out.

I grit my teeth and gradually snarl, progressively biting my teeth harder as I clench my fists all while remembering my first encounter with it.

"Kai, you're making a scary face…"

I look up and find Irene frowning. I relax and wipe my tears with my hand. "Sorry, I was thinking about something…"

"Did something happen?"

"Yeah… I guess you could say that." Her lips are shaking. I sigh, knowing what she wants to ask. "I don't wanna talk about it, so don't ask me."


"You don't need to apologize," I say in a slightly irritated tone.

"Sorry…" I frown as I feel veins popping out of my head. I rapidly tap my finger on my lap as she switches between looking at me and the open seat next to me.

What does she want from me? I open my eyes widely at her as I turn both of my palms upward all while signaling my body that she has my full attention.

"Oh, um… I just wanted to say that you don't seem like a bad person… I saw your sleeping face, and it seemed so gentle."

For some reason, the tension eases from my shoulders. I sigh before asking, "What part about me is gentle? I kill people without a second thought, and I work for the most wanted man in the world. I'm a bad person…"

Irene crosses her arms as she looks away and pouts. "Nope, I think you're a good person."

"Listen here…"

The convoy stops as something loud rumbles outside. As Irene falls forward, I slide towards the left side of my seat, catching her before she collides with the empty space on my seat. Her feminine, fragrant scent enters my nose as I feel her chest pressing against mine. I smile shamelessly as I unconsciously flare my nostrils.

She blushes when she raises her head with her hands on my chest. "Oh, thank you."

"No problem," I say with a smile. What was that sound? I better check with Leila. I wanna stay like this for a while long

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