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I slowly open my eyes when I hear the sound of cicadas chirping. I grimace from the ache in my head, my hand applying pressure to try and alleviate the pain. Argh…my head… It seems I'm still alive…

As I open my eyes again, I regain my senses and feel something heavy on top of my stomach. While lifting my head, I shift my gaze toward it and find Leila asleep with her head and arms there on the right side. I smile, also finding Irene in the same position on my left. My eyes linger on her sleeping face. I shake my head and then relax my facial expressions when I start to see her reflection again. I rest my head on the ground. I close my eyes.

I have no idea how we're still alive… That Anomaly's behavior was really strange when it decided to leave us instead of finishing us off… I close my eyes as I think back to that moment. The wolf's red eyes stared into mine, almost feeling like a sense of familiarity. What if the wolf's actually a reincarnation of…

I shake my head to rid myself of absurd thoughts. As I open my eyes, a realization hits me. I narrow my eyebrows and purse my lips. Wait… The first time I encountered an Anomaly…didn't something similar happen? It mysteriously disappeared before I even noticed… Given its capabilities, it should've had plenty of time to ambush me… Maybe I'm the reincarnation of one of their friends, and when they stared into my eyes, they realized who I was and left me alone…

My mind becomes blank for several seconds. Afterward, I let out a few giggles realizing my stupidity.

"Uhnnn…" Leila mutters as she sluggishly lifts up her upper body with a yawn. She rubs her eyes with her finger and asks, "Kai… You're…awake…?"

"Oh sorry… did I wake you…?"

"I think so… We should probably get going soon anyway… How're you feeling?"

"Ah, perfectly fine now as you can see, thanks to your magic," I say with a smile and shift my gaze toward the bloodstained hole in my armor with my body left perfectly intact.

"Be a little more serious… If I delayed healing you any later you really would have died, you know…" I can tell that she's serious, and a shiver goes down my spine, my smile disappearing. I think about the possibility of the potential unfortunate outcome in silence, but soon break out in laughter.

"Well, I'm still alive, though. So it's fine isn't it? You…" I stop talking and smiling. Leila wears a solemn expression on her face with tears welling in her eyes.

While darting her eyes around, she quietly says, "I was really worried…that you wouldn't wake up…and before I could tell you…that I…"

She blushes. My heart beats progressively faster. I gulp while attempting to maintain the same expression on my face. Could this be…? A love confession?! From Leila…? That's impossible…

"I…" she suddenly says in high volume, but she doesn't finish her sentence. I cock an eyebrow at her open mouth with no words coming out. Her eyes are focusing on a single point now. I turn toward it and th

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