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"I'm thinkin' about moving back to Neso now that the raids won't be happening anymore," someone says among the crowds of people on the street. I continue slowly moving across in an attempt to pick up something useful from random conversations.

"You wouldn't believe what I saw earlier today!"

"What? Tell us!"

"I saw Osmir…! He made eye contact with me!"

"Oh my god! What happened after that?!" Straight ahead is a group of girls blushing and screaming. I ignore them and focus on something else.

"If only Velyn was overthrown a month earlier… Then I might've been able to afford medical treatment for my mother…"

"Oh right, your mother has been quite ill for over a year now, right? It might've not mattered considering how severe her condition is."

"I thought that too at first, but later I heard rumors about a healer that could cure anything, they call him Saint because of that. I figured that if I paid him a lot of money, he'd be able to help my mother."

I knit my eyebrows together. Saint… It seems people in these parts know about him too…

I start to walk into a new area, but I'm stopped by a familiar name.

"…Drosera," a man says. I widen my eyes and turn toward the direction of the voice. There's an old man sitting on steps in front of a building with a young couple standing next to him.

"Old man, whadaya mean by that? What possibly can be worse than what happened to Xantho in the past six months? Do you have any idea how hard I had to work to barely get by every day?" the young man asks as he shrugs his arms and smiles. The old man snickers.

"So you worked hard? Good for you," he says with a sharp tone and narrowed eyebrows. He frowns before saying, "At least you still have your family..."

The young couple stops smiling. The old man continues, "I lost everyone three years ago in that incident… My grandson, son, and daughter-in-law…everyone…"

I look down and close my eyes, recalling my own memories associated with the incident as I continue to listen silently to their conversation, selectively tuning out the rest of the background noise.

"Oh, that's right, I remember now! Cascabel is the one responsible for that attack on Drymo, right? I nearly forgot because the casualty count wasn't that high," the young woman mentions.

"Whatever you heard was a lie. They falsely reported the damage caused by the attack to not cause a panic among the other kingdoms. Despite that, Cascabel is still widely infamous."

"Oh… What were the actual damages, then?" the young woman asks.

"I do not know any exact numbers… I only remember going outside once all the explosions and fighting stopped which was several hours later… I was worried about my grandson, who was attending the Academy at the time, so I ran there as fast as my body would allow. On my way there, I could see corpses littered everywhere… Buildings were on fire, smoking, and everyone in a panic. By the time I got to the Academy, I was appal

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