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lled. Apparently the damage was the worst in the Academy portion of the city. Later that day, I found my grandson laying cold on the ground in the large group of kids the rescue team took from a portion of the rubble…"

"That sounds awful… I'm really glad high taxes were the only thing I had to worry about now… Were your children found among the dead?" the young man asks.

"Actually, no, they were not. They were not really involved in the incident, but I felt that it would not have happened if they were there. You see, they are both A-class adventurers… The week before the attack, the top adventurers compromising of the S-class and A-class went on one of those stupid expeditions to the Cursed Territory…and they never came back. To think that I would be the last one to die in my family…"

I finally open my eyes, but I still only hear the events from that day playing in my head. I clearly remember the sounds that occurred, my losses, and the meeting with that man. I tightly clench both my fists and my jaws as I narrow my eyebrows and frown. Xedeus…! Everything is his fault…not just my suffering, but everyone else's too…like this old man. The next chance I get, I'm gonna do it… I swear, on the graves of…

"…excuse me…? Hello?" I relax my facial expressions and turn toward the voice. The old man and the young couple have noticed my presence. At the same time, the bustling activity of the streets fills my ears again.

"Hi~?" I reply. Afterward, I regret my stupid-sounding response. I blush and look away.

"Can we help you…?" the young woman asks. "You were staring with quite an expression on your face…"

The young woman guards her breasts and hides behind the man. I raise my eyebrows and wave both of my hands in front of me. With a smile, I say, "Ah, no, it's a misunderstanding. I was just thinking about—"

"Thinking about what, exactly?" the man asks and steps forward.

Still smiling, I answer, "I was thinking about…"

I don't finish and then turn around while running in the direction I was headed to previously. After several minutes, I check behind. None of them followed me. I slouch over and then sigh. Ugh… Back to information gathering…

"You gotta believe me! I saw it!" someone exclaims. There's a man with a desperate expression on his face talking to another man. I get closer to them feeling that this might be something important.

"So you're tellin' me…that you found some horribly disfigured corpse in the woods on your way here to Byzia? That somehow, this corpse had no traces of injury, but the body parts were re-arranged? Are you sure you didn't confuse it for a monster?" the other man asks.

"Yeah! It was definitely Human… The head was connected in front of the torso and…and…I don't want to remember anymore… It's the work of a demon, I'm tellin' you." I laugh loudly, remembering our work of art yesterday. I cover my mouth with both hands in an attempt to manage my uncontrollable laughter, but some giggl

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