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When we arrive outside, I shield my eyes from the blinding sunlight with my hands. As my eyes adjust to the light, I notice a crowd of students standing on my right. The teachers and many other adults are lined up in front of them. "It seems everyone has arrived, and you must all be wondering what you are doing out here. You will now designate your own roles within your group. A balanced group will ensure a higher survival rate in the future. Typically, adventurers carry out their missions in teams of six or more which is why you split into a group of six. These will be your teammates for as long as you are students at this Academy."

I can handle being together with Luna for five years… Drugo, Hiro, and Marin aren't that bad either… I grin as I close my eyes and fantasize about having friends.

After opening my eyes, I find Sitos staring at me. He lowers his eyebrows as he wrinkles his nose all while frowning at me.

"Great, I will be stuck with this…for five years…" He sighs as he shakes his head.

I narrow my eyebrows and rebut, "I'm not happy about you either!"

I loosen my facial expressions, tilt my head down in dejection, and then sigh. My dream…

"It is recommended that you include one of each role to ensure that you cover and balance each other's weaknesses. The five basic roles are Tank, Mage, Archer, Heavy, and Light. The job of a Tank is to distract and defend against attacks; they use a shield and a weapon in the other hand. A Mage would stand in the backline and either cast offensive magic or support spells to help the group. Despite being at the back, they still carry a weapon or shield to defend themselves. Archers specialize in ranged combat and supports the team in the back. Heavy are users of cumbersome and powerful weapons, requiring the use of two hands to wield. Light focuses more on speed, but they can also be powerful."

I wanna be a Mage but… I can't… I'll have to keep my promise to Emdos.

"Here are five weapon trainers who specialize in each basic role. Why do you not take some time and decide amongst yourselves what role you will fulfill? When you are ready and have chosen a role, you will follow them and then decide on what weapon you will train in."

The chatter around me gradually increases, eventually filling my ears with indistinguishable sounds.

"This can be our Tank," Sitos says as he points to me.

I cock my eyebrow and point at myself. Sitos trusts me with such an important role...?

"Even if it is worthless, it can still take hits for us." I quickly frown, my patience waning from the blow to my pride.

I'm thinking about saying something, but Luna suddenly intervenes. "Now, now, Sitos, you should be nicer to Kai. Hmm… Wouldn't Drugo be a better fit for a Tank? He's the biggest one out of all of us. You can do that right, Drugo?"

My frown melts into a small smile as Luna speaks. Luna's so nice… I wonder what I'll be then if Drugo's the tank…

"Yup, I can do that

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