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t. I was actually thinking about that role from the start."

"Only Heavy will be suitable for the great me!" Hiro suddenly exclaims.

Marin steps forward as she slightly raises her right hand and quietly says, "I think I'll be Archer."

I purse my lips while still lost in thought thinking about my role when suddenly someone shoves me aside. I fall backward landing on my bottom. I scowl at Sitos' back in front of me. That guy's getting on my nerves…

"Hey, Sitos…ter…" someone mutters as I'm still glaring at Sitos, but I relax my facial expressions while thinking about my role.

"Then it is settled. Luna will be Mage, and I will be Light."

"Eh? What about me?" I ask as I frown with slightly parted lips all while pointing at myself.

"We do not need you. Shoo, shoo," Sitos says as he waves his hands in a shooing motion towards me and turns around.

"Sitos, stop that… Kai, you can be anything now." I don't process the words someone says while I'm focusing on Sitos.

I squeeze my eyebrows together in a glower, tightly clenching my fists. "You bastard…"

I push myself up using my arms and legs, and I try to tackle him, but he steps aside, and I fall landing face first on the ground. While ignoring the pain that throbs around my forehead, I get back up while covering my face with my left hand. I throw my right arm back getting ready to punch him, but someone grapples my chest from behind. Judging by the thickness of his arms I figure it's Drugo. I attempt to push him away by furiously waving my arms around and using all my strength to run forward, but I can't get out of his grip. Sitos smirks at me with a dirty look.

"Bastard!" I yell as I snarl all while continuing to struggle in Drugo's lock, somehow inching closer to Sitos.

"Stop…don't fight... You too Sitos…ter… By the way Kai…ster, all of our roles are filled so you may choose whatever you wish to be," Drugo says, letting me go after I relax my muscles. I feel the hoarseness in my throat as I breathe out hot puffs of air.

One day, I'll sock him good… Luna suddenly steps in front of Sitos and slaps him leaving a red hand mark on his left cheek. The sound echoes off of the Academy walls. The conversations around us stop. Everyone's eyes are on us too.

Luna exclaims, "Sitos! You need to apologize to Kai! We're a team now and how you're treating him isn't acceptable!"

I smile slowly as my eyes become slightly watery all while glimmering at Luna. Luna… She's always on my side...

She faces Sitos with her arms on her hips. Sitos is silent for several seconds with his eyes widened and lips slightly apart. He looks away from me and apologizes in a barely audible voice, "Sorry…"

I narrow my eyebrows. What the hell… If you're gonna apologize, then do it right...

I relax my facial expressions before asking, "What was that? I didn't hear you."

Sitos points his eyebrows downward as he glares at me. "You bas—"

"Sitos...?" Luna asks, silencing

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