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I take the clinic entrance from the Crossroads not because it's closer, but it's the only entrance for non-emergencies. I haven't personally seen the back entrance be used since my time here. I imagine that it was used heavily after the attack transported through the back entrance.

"How can I help you today, sir?" a woman at the reception counter asks.

"There should've been a girl with blue pigtails that came by not that long ago. What room's she in?"

"Oh, yes. May I see your ID?"

I hand over my ID. She begins writing the information on a piece of paper. It's a pain how everywhere you go, you need to show your ID. The army keeps track of all your activity and stores them in the Record Zone. Higher ranks go there and inquire on specific people to see what they've been doing. In a way, that's a good thing. If Captain Citrio finds out that Hina was injured and I didn't visit her as her boyfriend, it would be questionable.

"Thank you, Sergeant Kai. Here is your card," the woman says. I store it back into my pocket. "You will find Sergeant Hina on the first floor in room 036. Have a good day."

"Thanks," I answer and head down the only hallway. I find the room 036 and go in. Just Hina and Luke inside. Hina is lying on the bed with Luke seated next to her on a chair. "Hey."

"Hey," Hina greets weakly.

"How's the arm?" I ask while walking in. Hina's left arm is wrapped in white bandages. The sweater is completely burnt off from that side. It goes all the way toward her upper shoulder.

"Still hurts…a lot," she says. "I only got spot treatment right now. Doctors with Healin' magic aren't in yet. My case isn't an emergency, so it'll be a few more hours."

"Where's Ruby?" Luke suddenly asks. "What happened after we left?"

"Well, not much. I explained things which calmed her down. Major Galan came to check up on things. Went to see General Nero and we got a warning. We parted ways after that, so I'm not sure what she's up to."

"She's not gonna apologize to Hina? She tried to kill her for no reason! I can't believe she was off the hook."

"It was a misunderstanding. It won't happen again."

"Misunderstanding or not, she tried to kill her! She didn't reason things out and wouldn't stop no matter what we said."

"Just calm down, Luke. You know how Ruby is."

"I don't. She's a complete nut case from what I saw. So you'll forgive her because it's Ruby? What if it happens again?"

"I'll forgive her because of our history together and that it was a misunderstanding. It won't happen again, I'm telling you."

"I'm asking what if it does. Whose side are you gonna be on?"

"Luke, it's fine. Let it go," Hina says.

Luke clicks his tongue and stands up. He walks toward me. He puts a hand on my shoulder and then whispers in my ear, "Look, Kai. You're a cool guy, and Hina's really into you, so I support your relationship with her. But you've got to get your priorities straight. It's your job to protect and make her happy now. I won't forgive you if you hurt her in any way. We all know your history with Ruby and why you'll choose to let this go, but think about what that does to Hina. She still thinks about Lucius too. Don't give her more reasons to be sad."

"I'll give you two some privacy. See ya later, Hina," he says while leaving the room.

"See ya," Hina says. I go take the seat he was sitting on. "What'd he say to you?"

"Nothing really that important. So, what exactly happened with Ruby this morning?"

"Well, I was havin' breakfast with my platoon until she screamed my name. I knew from that moment she found out about us. I stood up and walked toward her tryin' to explain what was goin' on. That's when she suddenly attacked. Didn't use a keyword so it completely caught me off guard. I protected myself with Water magic before it was too late. Thankfully, she didn't attack immediately. Otherwise, things could've turned out much worse. With other members of my platoon

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