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amaliaverdezoto > The Selection > 54 Inteiru Expota - Acquaintance to Friend
This is no good. The villagers are tired already. Despite my attempts to motivate them, their postures are drooped and each swing is half-assed. It's like there's over a dozen of Kamas. There's no point training them. They're not motivated and bound to quit in the end. Why does General Nero want us to train these villagers? It's not like they're in any danger while enclosed in these walls.

General Nero said that we just had to give them some general tips and help them train. I've done that. Don't have to be perfect. I'm sick of these errands that he's sending us on for the past few weeks.

"Okay, stop! Take a short break. I'll let you know when to start again," I say. The lot of them drop their training swords and collapse on the ground. I wonder how Luke's group is doing. I'm not sure if I got the bad half or they're both bad.

As I walk over to where he's stationed, two young children catch my attention.

"Take that, bandit!" A young boy swings one of the smaller wooden swords and hits another boy on the head.

"Ow!" he interjects and covers the top of his head with both of his hands. "Stop that!"

"No, you're the bad guy!"

"I don't like this game!" the boy exclaims and runs.

I ignore them. I'm only here to assist in training, not anything else. Someone else can reprimand that boy for his behavior.

"Hey," Hina says.

"Oh, hey," I respond.

"I saw that. I wasn't sure before, but now I am. You're ignorin' everythin' except the mission, aren't you?"

"Yeah, what's it matter to you? It's not like I'm the only person here that can stop that kid from playing with weapons."

"It's not just this time. I've seen you ignore other incidents too during our joint missions. You're actin' strange."

"Look, I just don't wanna do anything unnecessary. I don't wanna be held accountable for anything that goes wrong outside of my orders."

"So if you witness someone about to be killed by someone else right in front of you right now, you would let it happen?"

I pause a moment before answering, "Of course not."

"Are you sure? Somethin' tells me you would've ignored it even if that kid was playin' with a real blade."

"You're crazy. I wouldn't let anyone die in front of me if I can help it."

"What if someone's already dyin' by the time you would notice? You'd ignore it, right?"

I'm pretty sure I would help in that situation, but I don't answer.

She continues, "Of course you'd ignore it. You're afraid of failure and becomin' the scapegoat."

"Hold up… I'm not afraid of failure. I just don't want someone reporting me that I'm not doing the job I was assigned to do."

"It's the army's job to protect the people. To keep them safe. You don't need a direct order to do that. I'd help no matter what because it's the right thing to do. If that person was Marin or Ruby, you'd help without a second thought. The same thing if you were only ordered to protect the village, you'd never disregard Marin o

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