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amaliaverdezoto > The Selection > 19 Academy Year 4 – Preliminaries
The next morning we arrive at the Arena on the highest floor of the Academy. It's a large elliptical room. Dozens of spectators are in the seats elevated around us. Most of them seem like adults much older than us. I recall from last week Moria mentioned there may be scouts from various organizations around the city that would observe the preliminaries.

Following the instructions we received last week, we go to platform number eight. Another team of six is already waiting there, but the referees haven't arrived yet. The platform is about a foot high, made of the same material as the floor; stone. It's a square with each side measuring over 40 feet. There's a small black square near the top edge of the platform in front of me and on the other side. Surrounding the platform are four cylindrical devices shaped like an upside-down 'L' with a 45-degree bend instead of a 90-degree bend toward the center of the platform. I estimate that the vertical part of the device is about 15 feet high and the second part measures around half of that. I walk closer to examine it further; it has a slit opening on two sides of it, both pointing and parallel to the adjacent devices.

"Hey, look over there!" Hiro shouts and points at the entrance to the Arena. Several adults push carts filled with outfits of various sizes toward the platforms. I presume these are the safeguards Moria mentioned last week. Barrels containing weapons are visible on the carts too. A woman and a man in their late 30's approach us with two carts. They are dressed casually without armor and carry no weapons.

"Mom! Dad!" Marin exclaims as she walks closer to them. "What're you doing here?" The style and color of Marin's hair match her mothers.

"It's good to see you, Marin! You've grown a lot!" her mother exclaims, stopping the cart near us. Her father smiles but doesn't stop to greet Marin. Instead, he continues to push his cart toward the other side of the platform. Marin follows her father with her head. "Don't mind your father, Marin. He misses you too, but we since we're part of the referees we have to hurry and set everything up."

"Yes, I understand."

"I have to set up the barriers around the platform, but how about you introduce me to your friends first. They're behind you, right?" she asks with a smile as she turns toward us.

"Yep!" Marin exclaims as she turns toward us. She points at each of us individually while saying, "On the left that's our Tank, Drugo. Next is our Heavy, Hiro. She's our Mage, Luna. He's our Light, Sitos. And that's Kai…also our Light."

I cock an eyebrow. "I see, so you must be the Archer, right? Just like me!"

Marin nods.

"I have to go now, but we'll catch up later! Don't push yourself too hard! Archers have a major disadvantage in the preliminaries, after all," her mother warns as she walks away.

"Those two were A-class adventurers, right? They looked kinda ordinary to me," Hiro says. Sitos stares in the opposite direction toward the spectators. I focus on him and then extrapolate where his field of vision points. There are three men seated together.

"Well, of course! They're people too!" Luna exclaims and then Sitos turns back to us.

I ask, "Sitos, do you know those people? I saw you looking at them just now."

"Well, yes. It is my father, older brother, and personal trainer."

"You two are lucky… No one's comin' to watch the rest of us," Hiro says and then sighs.

"What about you, Kaister? Didn't you have Emdos?" Drugo asks. I jerk my eyebrows upward and then look in the seats around me. I narrow my eyes around everyone who are seated, eventually turning 360 degrees. Emdos is nowhere to be found. I frown.

"It doesn't look like he's here."

"Don't worry 'bout it!" Hiro exclaims and slaps me on the back.

Maybe he's one of the referees? I look around the various platforms. There are ten in total; two rows of four platforms with the third row with only two. We're located in

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