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Marin and I approach the group of three people chatting outside the residence.

"Excuse me," I say and then hold out the request in front of me. "Does this look familiar to you?

"Yes, I put in that request yesterday," the middle-aged woman responds.

"I'm Sergeant Kai, the leader Sigma Platoon 4. I'm gonna take your case."

"Oh, really? You'll be able to find him?!" the woman exclaims.

"Yeah, I pro…" I close my lips and frown. I think to last week. The consequences. I gulp before continuing, "We'll do our best to find him. We need you to give us more on what happened before he disappeared."

"Of course. It was last week. My husband came home saying that he joined an Adventurer's group, even though he doesn't have a license."

"That's not possible. Everyone part of an Adventurer's team needs a license to register it at the Adventurer's Hub."

"That's the part that worried me at first. He said that they didn't have licenses either, but they had a client who would pay them directly."

"What does your husband do? You should've stopped him from doing something so reckless. Someone without training wouldn't be able to fight monsters."

"Oh, no. I'm not worried about that. He attended the Academy, so he knows how to fight. But he dropped out to open his own restaurant. It hasn't been doing well recently."

"I see. Do you know the details of their mission?"

"My husband said it was a simple task. They had to gather supplies in a forest near the base of the mountain."

"When did they leave?"

"Last week."

"Okay. I'll gather my team, and we'll head out immediately."

"Wait," the woman says and then turns toward the young couple next to her.

"You're headed to the base of the mountain, right?" the young man asks. "Two of my former teammates joined an Adventurer's group last week too."

"Former teammates? You were in an Adventurer's group with them?"

"Yeah. Up until the Incident. They wanted to continue, but I didn't. They're not so weak to fall to Horned Rabbits."

"Their mission was to hunt them?"

"Yeah. And to collect an herb that grows abundantly in a forest outside Beltan. Something must've happened."

"I see. We'll let you know if we find any clues, but we can't put a priority on it without an official request."

"I submitted a detailed request this morning to the Request Center. Originally, a group separate from the army offered assistance and left looking for them, but I can't trust them. Please take it before you leave."

I frown. He looks at me with widened eyes filled with hope. I sigh. "Okay, we'll take it before we leave. We'll be on our way now."

I bow my head. Marin does the same.We head toward the Castle, eventually arriving in the Request Center. I look through the open requests. My eyes stop on one.

My son may have been deceived. He doesn't have an Adventurer's license, yet "Adventurers" recruited him into their group. He left to hunt Horned Rabbits near a forest near Beltan last week. Please find him.

I knit my eyebrows. I hand it to Marin and say, "Take a look at this. It's another one."

Marin frowns. "You want to take this one too?"

"Ye-yeah… It looks like they're in the same area for sure this time. It won't be like last time."

"Captain Albius let us off the hook last time. I don't think he'll give us a second chance."

"You're right. But, we can do it this time. We…" I clench my fists. "We learned from our mistakes. It won't happen again."

"I'm okay with whatever you decide. You're the leader. What'll you say to Captain Albius and Jetia?"

"I'll think of something," I say while shifting through the other requests. I find the request submitted by the man from earlier. I hand it to Marin. I continue looking through the remainder. I read another one that catches my eye. It's from the village of Beltan.

Our daughter is missing. We believe that she's been kidnapped by the local bandits. Please send help.

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