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"Welcome, Sigma 4," Captain Albius says. He points to the table across from Ada and her group. "Have a seat over there."

I walk over, avoiding eye contact with Sigma 3 and sit down at the indicated table. Captain Albius' platoon are all standing at the end of the room in a straight line. Ruby, Marin, Jetia, and the other four take a seat around the table.

"Now that both platoons are here, we'll move on to the reason why you're here. Omega 7 has been assigned as an overseer to Sigma 3 and Sigma 4. As you already know, you'll be participatin' together in the Rising Champions. I've already received word about your opponents. They're from Xantho. You're our away team, so they'll have your files and precisely know what they're up against. I've also been informed that they're under new leadership. For some reason, the king decided to replace all but one general. In fact, the group you're up against are composed of entirely new soldiers trained by the new brass. So preparation might not be needed to succeed, but my policy's not to underestimate opponents.

"And so, we'll be spendin' the next two weeks preparin' for the battle. I have several years of experience under my belt as both a participant and an overseer. Those with less experience trick themselves into thinkin' that clumpin' everyone in one training works best. They're wrong. There's a lot of problems with operatin' as large groups in training and on the battlefield, especially. It limits movements and strategy. The trick's to break into smaller groups so that each group has a specialized task workin' toward one goal.

"So, after lunch, I'll split you into smaller groups and pit you against each other. Fightin' each other is a good way of learnin' the weaknesses and strengths of your allies. You'll learn to work together and build teamwork for the Rising Champions. I'll also need to see what you're capable of before developin' our strategy. Enjoy the feast we've prepared for you."

Captain Albius and his men move out of the way, revealing many identical prepared dishes behind them. They each grab a plate and set it in front of us.

"Here you go, Sergeant Kai," Captain Albius says as he sets the plate of food in front of me.

"Thanks for the food, Captain Albius," I say, and then dig in.

He does the same for Ruby. "And for Corporal Ruby as well. You look like you're starvin'. It'll be harsh training for the next two weeks. Make sure you eat your meats if you want to replenish your energy."

Ruby looks at the food and then glares at Captain Albius. I'll be pissed if she still doesn't change her behavior toward him when I told her upfront to do something about it the same day. She looks down at the plate and frowns. Her lips twitch as if she's overcome with anger. But it could also mean that she's trying not to react negatively.

The twitching stops several seconds later. She looks up and says, "Thanks….Captain Albius."

Captain Albius smiles and answers, "Any

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