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"How's everyone, Pearl?" I ask, putting an arm around her.

"Still a little shaken up. Can't blame them," she answers and hugs me from the side, shaking. She asks in a whisper, "What'd the ministers want?"

Conveniently, she doesn't have to fake something to close the distance between us. I whisper, "They wanna know why the Xog hate us. We help them in exchange for exclusive information from the Inteiru Expota and more."

"Did you agree? After General Nero's orders… We won't have an excuse if he catches us again."

"Of course. Technically, we don't have to give them anything, but they'll give us their side of the bargain. We only have to give them an impression of trying to find stuff. I didn't mention our side project."

"That doesn't seem right after they saved us…"

"One of the dumbest ways to get caught would be to walk right into their hands…claws, rather. I know it's not right, but self-preservation's more important. And our main goal…which we have no leads on."

"At least we—"

"What're you lovebirds over there whispering about?" Jetia asks with a smirk.

"Nothing important," I respond. "Just waiting for your slow asses to get dressed so that we can escort the ministers back to the Windmill Inn."

"That's funny coming from you, showing up whenever you feel like it. What'd General Nero want?"

"New orders. We're to stay at the Windmill Inn and leave under no circumstance until the Inteiru Expota tomorrow."

"Was that before or after those monsters showed up? Captain Albius surely contacted him before, right?."

Stop talking and shut up. That's what I want to tell him, but I can't. He only speaks up to screw with me. To make me lose my credibility. Him, the goons, and the other people out of the loop know nothing of our main priority. For all they know, we left to find Captain Albius to update him that the ministers wanted to explore a bit.

Should I lie about finding Captain Albius and fabricate something he supposedly said? Either scenario is a loss because Jetia won't stop poking around. He's going to try to verify what I tell him and if something doesn't match up, he's going to confront me later and make my life difficult. The least he could do is at least keep it private. But he's bringing this up in front of everyone. It forces me to act accordingly.

I should be straight with them. At least partially. It's the safest because the ministers might ask about that too. "It was after. We didn't find Captain Albius, so we tried to get back to the group, but couldn't find you guys."

"So, you were on a leisure date with yer girlfriend while we're doing our jobs. And you dared to walk up to us and say to hurry our asses. Can you give us at least a few minutes of slack, especially after an encounter with those monsters?"

Don't get angry. That's what he's trying to do, for me to lose my shit and blow up. He knows exactly how to do it. It's frustrating because if he could put that effort into

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