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Nearly the entire area around Leila is on fire. The giant flower is gone. A few guards are entangled by vines coming out of the pollinated flowers near them. Balls of fire appear in the air and descend toward Leila. Marin shoots arrows toward Leila. Leila takes a seed from one of her back pouches with her right hand and then throws it in front of her.

"Sprout!" Vines extend outward from the seed. Some of them dig into the ground. It creates a rough wall in front of her. She points her left palm toward the incoming balls of fire and shouts, "Water ball! Water ball! Water ball! Water ball!"

The balls of water collide with the balls of fire. Steam rises from the center of each collision. Marin's arrows penetrate the front of the vine wall. I shout, "Leila!"

The balls of fire disappear as parts of Leila's Water magic keep flying straight. Leila glances at me and yells, "I'm fine here! I'll catch up later!"

I grit my teeth while staring at her. I click my tongue and then run toward Byzia.

"Kai, wait!" Marin exclaims as she chases after me. An arrow flies toward me. I draw a sword and then deflect it.

One of the guards exclaims, "Lieutenant Marin, we'll come with you!"

"No, Sergeant Jetia needs your assistance. He's probably still alive in the woods somewhere."


"That's an order."

"You heard her! Let's go!"

"Celerity!" Marin shouts. The frequency of her footsteps increases.

"Haste!" I shout. Power surges through my legs. What's she planning? Does she think she can take me out by herself…? We've almost reached the woods.

I dodge three arrows by moving to the side. They pierce three different trees up ahead. "Zephyr!"

Wind blows against me from the arrows in the trees. It slows my advance forward. I click my tongue. She's learned a few new tricks of her own… Can I not avoid using more of my Mana?

I unsheathe my other sword and then turn around. Marin's aiming three arrows at me. I ground my weight behind me as I put my blades in front of me. I prepare instructions for my magic. She shoots the arrows. I knit my eyebrows as they miss me completely and hit the ground around me. My eyes widen.

"Wind Trap!" Wind blows on me from every angle. I stab one of my swords into the ground as it feels like I'm lifted up into the air. I squint my eyes, leaving only a small opening of sight. Marin unleashes a wave of dirt from her palm. It obscures my vision around me, and the wind blows it into my eyes. I close my eyes and hold my breath.

I adjust the instructions for my magic and then release my Raw Mana through the opening above me. I grit my teeth as an arrow pierces me between my arm guards. Where's she gonna shoot from next…?

I imagine what I look like inside my mind. There's an opening on my left side. I wave my sword on my left. I knit my eyebrows as my blade collides with air. Just a moment longer…

"Open!" I shout, take my sword out of the ground, and then jump up with all

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