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I scan the area around me carefully while moving forward. I continue this way for a while and then change directions. Out of consideration for Kama, I wait for the formation to adjust before moving forward again.

So far we have only come across non-hostile monsters. We haven't discovered any signs of recent battle or camp. I think the weight of my actions finally hit me. The possibility that none of these requests that I took would be resolved successfully. What would happen if we failed all of them? I don't want to think about it too much but that possibility appears in my head. It sends a shiver down my spine.

An hour later, a very small fire particle flies past my shoulder from behind me. It reignites the previous confidence I had as this is the signal we agreed on if someone saw something. I gesture Banni and Jetia to regroup. I smile slightly and quickly rejoin with the girls. Optimistic, I ask, "Did someone see something?"

Kama raises his hand. "Yes, it was me. I think I saw a group of people over there."

He points to the direction where he was positioned at. I ask quickly, "Okay, which direction were they going?"

"I didn't get a good look, sorry."

Really? I want to scold him for not doing something so basic and obvious. I thought he already mentally prepared himself. Did the sight of a group of people scare him immediately? I know he's an amateur, but this is an important time for us. I only have myself to blame for deciding to take all of these requests. If I want to get something done, I'll have to do it myself. I don't let my true thoughts show on my face. I simply sigh and say, "Okay, tight formation everyone. I'll lead a bit and see how many there are."

I move forward quickly with light steps. I reach around the point where Kama should have been and then look around. There's nothing. Did Kama see a monster move and passed it off as a group of people? I don't want to consider that possibility further because I want to believe in him. If there's something, I figure it has to be from the direction perpendicular to us otherwise they would have spotted him.

I move further in that direction. There's a faint sound in the distance. I stop moving to listen closely. It grows quieter with every passing moment. I walk deeper at a slower pace than before. I'm careful not to step on anything that could create noise. I'm not going to let a stupid mistake like stepping on a twig blow up everything into flames even though I don't see anyone around. Better safe than sorry. I smile, seeing the large group up ahead.

I stop behind a tree and peek out slowly. Their front isn't as visible as the back. I estimate there are a total of at least three dozen. Four of them unarmed with two young children included in the back. They're enclosed around three men behind them. I don't see anyone out of place other than those four. They look like an ordinary group of bandits to me. I'm a bit disappointed, even though it feels wron

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