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I rejoin with the others nearby. "I don't think they're the ones who we're looking for, but there're children mixed up in there. We gotta help."

"Oh no," Vicki interjects.

I point in their heading and continue, "They're moving in that direction, so we'll move over there too. When we ambush them, it'll be better if we can reach them faster after being in plain sight."

"Ho-how many of them are there?" Kama asks.

"At least three dozen…but don't let that number scare you. Most of them don't have any armor and probably aren't very skilled," I inform. Although some of us aren't very skilled either.

"If we fail this time…more people will die, right?"

"You're right. That's why we won't fail. It's good for us if the hostages are all gathered in one place at the back. We hit them before they notice and secure the hostages immediately. Then we can go wild without having to worry about them. And remember what I said—"

"Yeah, yeah… Kill them before they kill us," Jetia says.

I frown. "That's not what I—"

"We all know what to do. Can we get on with this? They're going to get away."

You guys know what to do? I wish that was the case. Then Kama would've paid attention to which direction they were heading in before I checked for myself. If I'm not thorough in my explanations, some of us won't understand. I refrain from rebutting, though, because what Jetia's saying is right. I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt. "Fine, Let's go. Same formation as before."

I lead the way. The group of bandits is still moving in the same direction. I gesture everyone behind me to stop while I close in on them. I scan the front and middle of their lineup. No hostages, but several of them have Iron armor. Could this be one of the requests? I can't rule out that possibility. I hope that's the case. I regroup with the others. "I didn't see any hostages in the front, but no large-scale magic until we're sure they're just bandits. Got that Ruby?"

"Got it," Ruby answers quietly.

"I'll take care of the three guys in the back. Charge in after me. Ready?"

Everyone grips their weapons tight and looks at me in silence. We slowly approach the enemy from the path I took a moment ago. I move Scrap Mana into my leg, foot, and core muscles of my body in higher amounts compared to earlier but with the same ratio. I instruct my Mana to strengthen them for thirty seconds this time.

I deduce that the three in the back must be bandits. If there were adventurers mixed up in here, they wouldn't be placed around the back where they could plan an escape. I unsheathe both of my blades. We're almost out of the safe zone. I activate my Mana and dash forward. They haven't noticed us yet and continue on. I focus on the three behind the hostages. My best chance is when they haven't noticed.

The guy toward the left turns his head toward me with a blank expression, but it's too late for him. I slice through his neck while continuing fo

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