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We sit around the campfire Marin and Luna set up with the glowing books in hand. I spend several minutes flipping through a book while the others do the same. Sitos flips the page from the diary on the ground. Hiro exclaims, "Hey! I wasn't done with that page yet!"

"You are too slow. Find another book to read, dimwit."

"You're the dimwit, dimwit! Why don'tcha do that instead? I wanna read this one," Hiro says as he turns the page back. Sitos sighs. I chuckle and close the book I'm holding.

"Kai, you're done with that book already?" Luna asks.

"Yeah, I think I got the gist of it. This is a history book on the Leps, who I think these people were called. Apparently they were frequently at war with other races for a long time, and they finally decided to travel across the ocean in search of a new home. The book ended there."

"Travel across the ocean? Outside Sholoth?" Luna asks. "Doesn't that mean…"

"Yeah, they came from the 'Cursed Territory.' Maybe these other races are the reason why no one came back from any expeditions across the ocean…" I answer as I toss the book aside and then pick up another one.

"The Leps must've been really strong! They came from the 'Cursed Territory,' yet they survived and came to Sholoth. According to this book, the Leps separated their race into six different groups: Arius, Selenas, Giso, Melle, Tuluin, and Bigelis," Luna informs while still reading. "They each have their own set of values."

Drugo turns a page. "I'm still reading this book, but it's about the techniques of the Arius clan about digging and building new habitats."

"Hiro, you're being pretty quiet over there. Did you guys find something interesting?" I ask.

"Shh! Quiet, Kai! We're getting' to the good part!"

I cock an eyebrow. Hiro's interested in a book? Now I really wanna know what they're reading in that diary…

"Marin, you look focused over there. Is there something interesting in that book?"

"Yeah, it's a cooking book."

Luna immediately drops her book and exclaims, "Oh! Let me read that with you too!"

She scooches over to Marin's side and then reads alongside her. I pick another book from the pile of books Hiro tossed aside and then open it. Hmm… Looks like this one's about weapons. I guess I'll read some of this.

Several minutes pass. Sitos quietly says, "We just finished this diary…"

"And? What was it about?" I ask while still reading the book in my hands.

"It's too much to explain! Just come read it yourself."

"That will take too long, dimwit. Everyone, stop what you're doing and come here. Read the first-day entry, and I will summarize the rest," Sitos says. I close and set aside my book while others do the same. We gather around the table and then gaze down on the first page of the book.

To my fellow Lep, A week ago, we sent a group out to Vorgium to propose the underground tunnel plan, but they never came back. And a few days ago, I and a dozen other warriors set out at midnight toward Vorgium to discover what happened. The place was completely and utterly destroyed. Multiple large craters opened up the village underneath, and everyone lay lifeless on the floors of Vorgium. It was eerie to find so many of our brethren dead on the ground, yet there were no signs of what or who they were fighting…

That's kinda like what we found here…

On our way back to Sestai, we encountered something.

Is that the name of this place?

It hovered in the air above us, despite that it didn't have any wings. Its entire body was covered in metal or some kind of rock while it held onto a large mysterious weapon.

I knit my eyebrows, thinking about what I saw earlier.

We tried to communicate with it, but it attacked us immediately. Magic and physical attacks proved ineffective. In the end, my brothers sacrificed their lives in order to let me escape. I came back to the capital and informed everyone what I had witnessed. We immediately sent out mess

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