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Floyd and the others rejoin us.

The atmosphere is a little tense right now, and I can't let the others catch on. Need to lighten the mood somehow.

"So, did you guys settle on a value?" I ask and let out a chuckle. If comparing busts, Ada is the smallest. "Ada's worth less, right?"

"Shut it."

"Just the ballpark," Aisha informs.

"Well, with that settled, let's move onto the game. I've been working on a new game concept based on rock paper scissors. This table here is the only one in the entire Casino. It's still under development, but this is the first playable iteration. I enjoy it because it's not completely up to chance."

"So, you'll have an advantage because you made it and know how it works," I say. There has to be a catch working to his advantage. That's how it always worked on the Drymo's streets.

"Yes, but it's not hard to learn. You'll see. I'm offering you the chance to play in pairs and have three opportunities to beat me once. My winning condition will be beating all three pairs."

"Fine. What're the rules?" I ask.

"The game is called 'Tower Wars.' There are five phases in a round. It starts with the Attacker Phase, where the player decides on a move. The options are Stone, Wind, Fire, Reflect, or Replenish. Replenish means having no attack and the opportunity to draw one of the other four at random."

"The Examination Phase comes after the Attacker Phase, and it gives the other person a short window to engage in conversation with the attacker to determine what move they have chosen. The Defender is allowed to ask two questions in which the Attacker must give a definite answer, truth or not. An answer like 'I don't know' or 'I refuse to answer' won't be valid. It's a mind game. Then it's the Defender Phase where the person who hasn't locked in a Gun chooses their move."

"The fourth phase is the Event Phase. We observe what both players have chosen. Relatively speaking, Wind beats Stone, Fire beats Wind, and Stone beats Fire. Reflect uses Abjuration magic, and it's self-explanatory. You'd want to use Replenish when the opponent uses Wind or Reflect. The only way to deal damage to the other opponent is through successful usage of Stone and Fire or Reflecting the opponent's Fire or Stone."

Some of those descriptions don't sound right to me. Fire loses to Stone? I'll wait until the end to clarify that point.

"The last phase is when any players who chose the Replenish option have the opportunity to select a Gun from the stockpile blindly," Floyd explains and opens up something at the center of the table. There are dozens of Guns facing down. He takes one and then slides something on the handle, revealing the letter 'S,' presumably for Stone. "As you can see, they can't be distinguished until you've selected one and checked manually."

"You've probably memorized the locations of the Guns," I say.

"The location of each Gun changes and it's to be determined at the beginning of the game. There are a total of 12 Stones, 12 Winds, 12 Fires, and 6 Reflects. The game starts with each player taking turns selecting a Gun at random until both players have 14 Guns each. A shuffle fixes their initial location before that. Once Guns are used, they go into the trash bin. Also, each player is given the Replenish gun, which has nothing inside. All the Guns in your possession must be placed on the table if it's not your turn. The roles of Attacker and Defender are swapped every round."

The game seems simple enough. The luck comes into play when drawing your initial hand and drawing new Guns with Replenish. I mean, there's some luck involved too with the outcome of the battle. According to Floyd, it's a mind game, but there's no way you can read your opponent with a one hundred percent certainty.

"So, shall we play?" Floyd asks.

He never clarified how the moves counter each other. I ask, "How does Stone beat Fire?"

"It might be easier to demonstrate. Keep in mind th

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