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Xedeus' blade is approaching Luna's neck. Suddenly, Luna raises her right hand and shouts, "Blow!"

Xedeus' sword swerves off its path and clangs with the stone floor next to her neck. Tearfully, she screams, "Kai!"

I keep my eyes open wide while my heart pounds rapidly. The tears don't stop coming out of my eyes. Her voice sounds just like back then. I curl my twitching lips upward. She's back to normal…!

"Luna!" I exclaim. Numerous Earth magic spikes appear in the air behind her. They speed toward Xedeus at an angle from above. He jumps back. The spikes hit the floor and slide along it.

"Kai!" Luna shouts with the same tone.

"Luna!" I exclaim again.

"Kai. Calm down and empty out your thoughts. Don't be hasty," Leila says quietly. My tears stop as she moves her right pinky.

She's moving…? That means… I raise my eyebrows. I stop thinking about everything. I close my eyes while taking a deep breath in and then out. I keep at it.

"It's useless!" Xedeus shouts. "It doesn't matter how many rocks you throw at me, I'll cut it down."

I open my eyes and then try moving my toes and my fingers a little. Nothing is holding them back. An Earth ball appears ahead of us. It's heading toward Xedeus, who is facing it. He cuts it vertically through the center. Fire appears out of the ball, but the flames appear to be cut too. Both pieces swerve around Xedeus. Luna's slowly standing up. I figure she's completely out of Mana with the gust of wind she used a moment ago. I prepare instructions for my magic. Luna runs away slowly. Xedeus turns around and then Luna falls forward. She flips her body around.

Suddenly, her hands are around her neck as if she's gasping for air. She flails her legs around. I yell, "Luna, what's wrong?!"

A fireball, ball made out of water, and a ball made out of rock appears around Luna. They head the space slightly above her on a straight path. All three of them stop short of her as if they've hit a wall. They fade into nothing after several seconds. I grit my teeth. Shit! I don't have any more time!

I release my Mana. A second later, a purple gate appears in the air behind Xedeus and next to me. I roll into the portal, just tall and wide enough for my body and weapons to enter without a problem. I appear in the air on the other side. I grab both of my swords and then throw my arms above me. Die!

I slam my arms down using the added force of gravity. My blades stop an inch away from his body. A noise resounds from the space between us. What?!

"I told you, it's useless," he says.

I grit my teeth and exclaim, "Strength!"

My weapons go slightly deeper, when suddenly, a gust of wind pushes me away. Xedeus flips in the air forward as Leila emerges from my portal. Luna isn't moving anymore. I land on my feet, waiting for the momentum pushing me to fade. I run toward Luna and yell, "Luna!"

I sheathe a sword and then kneel down next to her face. Xedeus chuckles and then says, "Don't worry. The girl that you've killed is still alive."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I ask and then reach for her pulse. She's still alive. I look up.

"Kai, Kai, Kai… You're the one who pushed her away, weren't you? You rejected her," Xedeus says. I knit my eyebrows. "Still confused? I'll let you in on a little secret… It was the result of your own actions."

He laughs. I raise my eyebrows and then look at the ground. I drop my sword. No way…

I think about my past actions and the result. I look at Luna's face. Everything was…my fault? If I had just accepted her earlier…

I clench my fists and grit my teeth. "To think that you've been this emotionally invested in this girl all this time."

"Xedeus, stop playing around!" Leila exclaims. "What in the world are you planning? When you are not taking this fight seriously."

"I don't have to worry about one or two ants crawling beneath my feet. What you do doesn't concern me in the slightest. As for my plans…

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