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"Sorry, Kai. We lost," Ruby says.

"It's okay," I say.

And now, it's down to Hina and me. I ask to play from Floyd's end of the table. Surprisingly, he agrees to switch sides without a fuss as long as we start as the Attacker.

We go through the usual steps and have fourteen Guns by our side. Eight Stones, two Fires, two Winds, and two Reflects. It seems like a good draw. At best, he could only have four Stones and ten Fires for offense. We'll have to be careful of any Reflects he has too for our Stones.

I whisper to Hina to discuss the best first move. We go with Reflect because Floyd has been on the offensive on the first turn the previous games. We want to hide the fact that we have eight Stones. By refusing to use it, it could confuse him to think that we have few Stones to play. It's also a good move because he probably has a lot of Fires in his hand. Reflect is the best way to defend against it.

"Kai, you seem a bit overprotective of Ruby and Marin. You don't want to see them get hurt. Evidently, they withstood my questions better than expected. There's one thing I find strange in all this. You're in a relationship with Hina, but you worry more about them. Why is that?"

Based on the previous games, it's best to answer with some truths and some lies. It's better to be honest as much as possible, so it's harder to be caught in a trap. It's going to be slightly tricky with the Ruby situation. "I grew up with Marin and four others at the Academy. Unfortunately, the four others died not too long after graduation. We met Ruby around the same time, who lost her entire team, instantly bonding with us. That's why I'm protective of them."

"Hmm...so who would you save if Marin, Ruby, and Hina were in mortal danger if you could only save one?"

This is the hardest question I could ever answer if it was a serious one. Times like these, it's better to use a random answer with a logical explanation. Helps keep up appearances with Aisha and Ada too. "Hina, obviously. She's my Pearl, the one I value most. I love her."

"That's cruel of you to abandon a friend you've known for years over a girl you recently met. Sex with her must be great. How'd you meet Kai?"

"We went to the Academy together, same year."

"Hmm. You were on different teams, yet you were drawn together. How long have you been dating?"

"About a month."

"Oh, very recent. Still in the honeymoon phase. That brings me to question Kai's sanity in deciding to save you over Marin. What good is having a woman around if you can't screw her, right? Lust is one hell of a drug," Floyd says as he locks in his Gun. Trying to make me look bad at any angle he can muster. "That choice contradicts his protectiveness of Ruby and Marin. Perhaps he lost his lover in that same attack."

Wait. I never mentioned anything about an attack. And we learned from Viessa that the news of the attack didn't spread, so how'd he know? He could've inferred based on what I said,

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