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t Aisha. When will she be back?" Ada asks.

I shrug my shoulders and answer, "Not sure. Floyd didn't say. We can always come back tomorrow and check on her if we have time."


"So, did you guys find anything useful?" I ask while keeping my voice down. I glance behind me, and the Dwarf at the reception is staring right at me. Don't want him to overhear what comes next.

Everyone understands and silently huddles around each other.

Deniz informs, "We found an unusual spot with higher security."

"Unusual, how?" I ask.

"It's off to the side, and it's just a plain wall. There doesn't seem to be anything else of importance there. We think it's a secret entrance they use for hauling in large goods."

"Like a shipment of Aerkins?" Hina asks.

"Could be."

"That's good to know but doesn't really help us," I say. It's obvious there would be a way to smuggle Aerkins into the underground city without the risk of someone catching sight. It could be a good route for the masked men to get in, but we aren't going to be able to get into that passage from here, and there's no way we would find the entrance from the other side. "Anything else?"

"Some huge bazaar enclosed in its own space. Everyone wore masks. It was so weird, and we felt out of place there. We didn't stay for too long," Deniz says.

"Oh, you found the marketplace. The auction is in there. We learned a few things about the auction and a couple of other things. We'll explain later. We should get moving," I suggest. We're already sticking out like a sore thumb. Best not raise everyone's suspicion of us too much. I don't want another run-in with the Vanguards. "Where're the others?"

"They're keeping watch of that unusual spot I mentioned to see if there's any movement. We were about to meet you guys back here, but then Ada showed up."

"Right. Lead the way," I say.

We follow them to the spot in question. We arrive at the end of a path, a fork going left and right. Going left, we find Luke, Simon, and Dennis huddled around each other. Beyond them is a group of Dwarves stationed along the outermost wall farther ahead.

It does seem strange. I thought this could be a possible exit back to the city, but when the Vanguards led me out the first time, there was no one standing watch in the open. This time there are four of them. And there's no door like there was at the other location either.

The outer edge of the underground city has a broader path than the roads leading inward. Likely because transportation is only meant for traveling along that edge.

If my memory serves me right, the Aerkin arena is straight ahead in this direction. That's good design so that when Aerkins are transported, wagons don't clutter the traffic of the innermost city.

We don't regroup entirely as to not attract unwanted attention to ourselves. There's hardly anyone else in this part of the city. They come over to us instead. We lead them back inside the fo

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