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"I… wow… Harry, I'm lost for words. Congratulations! This truly is not what I was expecting to hear, but congratulations nonetheless. I wish a lifetime of happiness for you and Alan."

After recovering, Jade quickly issued her congratulations and offered Harriet her help should she need anything.

"Thank you. Of course, you'll be invited once everything is arranged. It should be a month or two from now. If we leave it any later, there'll be quite the risk," Harriet said as she patted her stomach.

While the cafe was still quiet, the two waitresses shared some girl talk about the baby, keeping an eye to the door all the while so that they could attend to any customers who arrived.

"So, Alan's family must be quite traditional for you two to have to marry so promptly, right?"

"Apparently, they are."

Jade was taken aback. "Apparently? Have you not met them?"

"I've met his brother, and he seemed normal enough, but we've only been going out a few months, so I haven't met his parents yet."

"Wowzers, that sure is a whirlwind romance…"

"I know, but even before I knew about the baby, I could already tell he was the one."

"Aww." Jade could not help but sigh, both at her friend's good look and her own bad luck. She instinctively put her hand on Harriet's. "I'm so pleased for you."

"Thanks. I'd never imagined being proposed to this way, and I don't think he ever planned to propose this way. The baby just made him man up and propose sooner. He he."

"Ha ha ha." The two girls laughed together.

"So, have you thought of any baby names yet?"

"He doesn't want to even think about that until after the wedding…"

"But I'm guessing you've already got a selection of possible names?"

Harriet laughed. "Of course."

While they were talking, one of the few customers in the store left, so the duo sauntered over to his table to slowly wipe it down as they continued their chat.

"Go on then. If it's a boy…"

"If it's a boy," Harriet said, "I'm thinking of either Reagan or Jake."

"Reagan? That's not a very common name."

"That was the name of one of the boys in my kindergarten, and I've always liked it."

"Oh, that's cute," remarked Jade with a smile. "And if it's a girl?"

"Catherine or Meghan."

"Ha ha ha. I should have guessed, given your obsession with the British royal family."

"Well, they're cute names anyway, but that's just a bonus."

By this point, a couple of customers had entered the cafe, so the girls ended their conversation to tend to them.

"Back so soon?" Jade asked the customer she was serving—the man from last night.

"Yes, I have a function tonight, and since I need my daily fix, I decided to stop by on my lunch break."

'I asked out of politeness; I never asked for your life story,' thought Jade, her brows twitching. "I see. Then will it be your usual? Can I interest you with a sandwich or a muffin?"

"Hmm… Are they made by you?"

"Ha ha, no. My business partner, Bernie, makes them," replied Jade as she pointed behind her toward the kitchen.

Coincidentally, Bernie had stuck his head out the door at that moment. When he saw Jade pointing at him, he flashed his best smile at the customer.

Seeing the yellow, crooked teeth, awkward smile, and unkempt hair of the chef, who was not wearing a hair net, the man said, "I think I'll stick with the coffee, thanks."

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