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With a start, Jade woke up. She could feel the tiredness beneath her eyes, but Jade was one of those people who could not stay in bed once they were awake. Thus, reluctantly, Jade slid out of the covers and got out of bed.

After slipping into a bathrobe and some slippers, she shuffled into the kitchen to make some toast.

'Bergh… so tired.' Jade rubbed the sleep from her eyes and switched the kettle on to brew some coffee and wake herself up. 'Hehe. It's amusing that I spend all day making fancy coffee, but I'm happy with this cheap instant stuff.

'Honestly, I don't understand why they pay so much for those fancy drinks. I don't even think they're that much nicer.'


The kettle finished boiling, so she was soon sipping on her coffee.


Shortly after, the toast popped up, and she was soon nibbling at her toast.

'What time is it… What! 6 AM? Why so early?' She felt tears welling up in her eyes. 'This means I didn't even get five hours' sleep tonight…'

As Jade continued to grumble to herself, she moved out of the small kitchen and into the equally small living room, plonked herself on the sofa, and flicked on the TV. It was a habit of hers to watch the morning news with breakfast.

'Ah, I'm too early. The news doesn't start until 7 AM. Hmm, I wonder what's on until then.'

She sat on the sofa with her knees up against her chest as she munched on the toast and flicked through the channels.

Many of the channels were not even broadcasting at that time, and most of those that were simply showed reruns. Only a few had actual content on, all of which were breakfast shows. Jade flicked between those few channels, looking to see if any had an interesting segment on.

After a minute or so of clicking the remote, a segment did catch her attention. The hosts of the show, a man and a woman, had just finished talking about their horoscopes and were talking about other methods of 'reading the future'.

"I went to a fortune teller once," the male host said. "However, I must say, Holly, I thought it was a loud of garbage. Honestly, who believes this stuff? Horoscopes are fun, and they allow people to reflect on themselves due to the open-endedness. However, fortune telling is simply scamming people of their money."

"I wouldn't be so fast to dismiss the mystic arts, if I were you, Desmond," Holly, the female host, countered. "Recently, I've been researching about reading dreams, and some of the stuff is pretty compelling.

"For instance, one common dream type is a chase dream. If you're being chased, it can mean that a problem that you have tried to put off for some time will soon become a bigger issue. If you're chasing someone or something, then it means that your motivation is high and you're pursuing you ambitions."

"That's quite interesting," Desmond said. "Have you got any more?"

Holly smiled. "Of course. Water dreams are fascinating. They're incredibly broad. For example, boiling wate

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