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"N-no, Jade, hear me out," the rotund, young man stuttered. "You're attractive; I'm attractive. You run a business; I run a business. We're a match made in heaven!"

The young man's pitch seemed to be only just beginning, but Jade promptly cut him off. "Frank, I don't think you're me type. If I'm honest…"

This time, it was Frank who cut Jade off. "If you're being honest? Don't make me laugh. What kind of woman honestly doesn't like an attractive, rich, young, attractive business owner like myself?"

"You run a shady collections service; that's not a proper business, so please don't compare it to my cafe."

Collections agents, or debt collectors, were basically bullies sent by big companies to take the property of a person who had failed to repay their debt. Even among the better collections services, their practices were shady, let alone a small, one-man company like Frank's, whose only customers were loan sharks.

"Jade, just listen to your heart. You don't need to hold yourself back."

With a huff, Jade continued to stand her ground. "Frank, please, I'm being polite as I possibly can be."

"No, Jade, I'm the polite one; I've only ever been polite. Tsk. I bet you just want to be courted by the dangerous type; you won't spare a second glance for the polite guys like me."

'Oh my god! Is he really doing the whole 'nice guy' routine?' Jade rolled her eyes at this point. She looked around and realized Frank was disturbing the other customers. "Frankly, Frank, I do not find you attractive, nor am I interested in your 'wealth'. Even if I was, I am not looking for a partner right now, so please leave if you're not going to buy anything."

Frank scoffed. "Ha! Showing your true colors now, aren't you? I have been nothing but polite, and you just throw it back in my face. Well, let me tell you something…"

"Frank, leave before I call the police. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any customer, and I am exerting that right. This is harassment and trespassing. Leave." Jade had had it with this guy. He had come one too many times. Before, when he was just making flirty comments, she could deal with it. Although such comments made her skin crawl, she had to put up with it otherwise they would have to turn away half their customers.

However, he had crossed her bottom line; he was actively disturbing their customers. Plus, he was acting like she owed him something, which she'd had enough of already in her life. Such people she could do without.

"Alright, alright, don't get your panties in a twist. If you want customers, I'll have a coffee…"

"No, you've had your chance. Leave! If you come back, I'll directly call the police."

After much harrumphing and a little more arguing, Frank eventually left the cafe.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance, everyone," Jade said loudly with a light bow. Naturally, the other customers were understanding and sympathetic. One of the older women even walked over to comfort her.

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