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Just as Jade's interest in the segment was waning, the host said something that renewed her attention. When Jade heard the female host mention that dreams about teeth were common, she suddenly shook as she remembered her dreams from the night before.

'That's weird. I just had a dream about that last night!' As she thought back on the dream, trying to remember the full series of events, the hosts continued their discussion.

On the TV, Desmond did not seem to believe Holly. "Teeth dreams are common? Personally, I don't remember my dreams, but teeth dreams seems a very niche category."

"No, you'd be surprised," Holly countered, "most people have had teeth dreams before. They're a part of the body that people are most self-conscious about. If you have an issue with skin, hair, or fat, it can repair itself naturally, but teeth are different; once you lose all your baby teeth, that's all you get."

"Hmm… I suppose so." Desmond seemed to have been slightly convinced by Holly. "My incredulity aside, what do teeth dreams mean?"

"Teeth dreams are one of the most direct ways for our subconscious to communicate with us. There aren't as many variations as with water or flying dreams, but I'll give you a few examples.

"If someone chips a tooth, they likely have repressed insecurities, or perhaps they feel stressed by something. Rotting teeth are similar to chipped teeth, but the emotions are much stronger, typically extreme anxiety or fear.

"A weird one that I'm fond of is someone pulling out your teeth. That's your subconscious trying to warn you that the person taking your tooth wants something precious to you…"

Jade thought back to the dream and remembered that Frank had yanked out her tooth. 'Ha! So, Frank wants something precious from me? I live in a rundown apartment building; the only thing of value I own, partly, is the cafe, and it's not like he can just walk away with that!'

Quickly dismissing the host's interpretation of her dream, Jade returned her attention to the TV, looking to see what other bizarre nonsense Holly would come out with.

On the breakfast show, Holly had finished talk about teeth dreams and was looking to Desmond. It seemed they had time for a little more, because Desmond said, "Holly, you mentioned flying dreams earlier. I'm sure I've probably dreamt about that before, so what are the meanings behind those?"

"Well, Desmond, flying dreams are a lot of fun. For the most part, they mean good things: upcoming success, freedom, joy. However, they can also mean bad things. If you learn to fly in your dream, it means that you are ambitious. A successful takeoff means that your ambitions will come true, but if you struggle to take off, you will meet much adversity.

"Similarly, if you fly freely, it means that you will experience the freedom and joy that you've always desired. However, if an accident befalls you mid-flight, it means something will prevent that freedom or joy. You should be particularly cautious if it's a person who stops your flight…'

With a disinterested look on her face, Jade looked down at the crumbs on her plate and then back up at the TV. 'Mr Frisch is going to prevent my freedom and joy? Hehe… I'd like to see him try.'

With a sigh, Jade realized that she had been watching TV for almost twenty minutes. 'What a waste of time… There's no way I'd believe in a load of baloney like that.'

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