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"Sigh, another quiet night in the end, eh, Bernie?"

"I'm glad for it, Jade. Unlike you, I just handle the cooking. The less work, the better if you ask me." Bernie chuckled as he put his hat on. "Anyhow, I'm off now, so take care locking up."

"I will," Jade replied. "Good night!"

After Bernie left the cafe with a slam of the backdoor, Jade let out another sigh as she looked at her watch.

'Sigh. 00:05 AM… why can't I be in bed already?'

After giving the cafe a once over, she locked up shop and headed home.

The frigid winter wind was biting on Jade's legs. She was wearing relatively thick leggings, but in comparison to her upper body, which was wrapped up in a large, warm coat, her lower half was freezing.

Thus, on shuddering legs, she was walking through the dark, empty streets as fast as she could.

'Freezing! We're barely into November, and it's already so cold! I swear winter gets colder every year!'

As she groused to herself, Jade glanced around her. As a young woman walk home alone at night in a big city, she was especially conscious of those around her and any potential threats. Every time she passed an alley or saw someone staying in the street, her pace would pick up until they were out of sight.

'I need a car. It would be so much safer," she thought. But then the pessimistic side of her took over. 'But cars cost money. Plus, where would I park it? Neither my apartment nor the cafe have parking available. I would not be able to park close, which means I would have to walk, thus defeating the whole purpose of getting a car…'

Another sigh escaped her lips. 'Life's pretty good at the moment; don't want beyond your means.'

At that moment, she walked past another dark alley, and she could have sworn that she heard movement within. Moving at a speed faster than a walk but slower than a jog, Jade thought, "Nope, it's not a want; it's a need. I cannot keep making this commute so late. It's scary and dangerous."

With that, she resolved herself to look for a closer apartment or an alternative transport method when she had some spare time.

By the time Jade returned to her apartment, it was nearing 1 AM. She shut the building door quietly and slowly made her way up the creaky stairs on her tiptoes.


Despite her best efforts, she still made plenty of noise as she ascended the stairs. 'Damn, I hope I haven't woken…'

"Jade, is that you again?" a wrinkled old man grumbled as he opened a door on the floor she had just passed.

"I'm sorry, Mr Frisch, I'll try to be quieter next time." She knew she could not say anything else to this man, and she did not want to wake any of the other neighbors with an argument.

"Humph! You say the same thing every night. If you do it again, I'm going to complain to the landlord!"

"No need to worry, Mr Frisch, I'll probably be moving out soon."

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