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After the lunchtime rush was over, the cafe resumed its usual calmness.

"How's your prep going, Bernie? Will everything be ready for the post-work rush?"

"Of course, when have I not been ready?" scoffed Bernie with mock indignation.

"Ha ha. You know I like to check."

Although there were not many customers in, Jade's afternoons were always busy. She had to tidy up after lunch, check the stock for the evening, and then handle any admin that needed attending to.

'My workload is only going to increase once Harry leaves.' Jade sighed as she went over the finances. 'I'll have to be up in time to open, and I won't leave until closing time…'

She double checked the lines of numbers on her spreadsheet with the printout from the till. 'I'll need to find a replacement, but that will take time. Not to mention the fact that I'll struggle to find anyone who can match up to Harry.

'We get along well, our ages aren't too different, and she's trustworthy—not once have I worried about her swiping from the tills.'

Yet another sigh escaped from her lips. 'I get that it happened like this due to the situation, and she will have told me as soon as she could, but I really wish I had more time…'

Ting ding!

"I'll be there in a moment." The arrival of new customers interrupting her thoughts, Jade leapt up and quickly shuffled to the door. "Welcome, what can I get you today?"

It was a couple who looked to be in their thirties. The man and woman were both in suits; it looked like they had decided to meet for a date after work.

'That's sweet. Sigh, it'd be nice to do things like that with someone… I doubt I'd have the time even if I did find someone.' While Jade secretly envied them, the couple finished deciding on their order.

"I'll have a tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle, and she'll have a decaf, soy latte with an extra shot and cream. Anything else hun?"

"Hmm… could we have two muffins to go as well?"

"Um…" Jade hesitated while she was still jotting down their obnoxiously long orders. With a tap of her pen, she said, "Of course, chocolate or blueberry?"

"Blueberry, obviously." The woman rolled her eyes as if Jade was an idiot for even asking the question in the first place.

Jade's eyes widened in shock, but only for a moment. This was, sadly, not an irregular occurrence. 'Alright, no need to be rude.'

As she walked away to prepare their order, the couple chose their seats, and Jade overheard them talking.

"I knew we shouldn't have tried this rundown cafe; their staff don't even have basic common sense."

"It's ok, hun, I'm sure the coffee and muffins will be delicious. The decor is cute, too."

The woman harrumphed. "Let's hope so. I won't be paying otherwise. Honestly, from my order, it should have been obvious that I'd want the healthier muffin."

"…" When she heard that, Jade's mouth began twitching. 'Are. You. Serious? Can you be any dumber?'

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