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"So, is that the man she's running off with?"

Not long after Harriet left, the four ladies on the table who they had been making drinks for called Jade over to gossip. However, Jade, being Harriet's friend, did not want to join in, but equally, she could not turn them down lest she appeared rude. Thus, she could only stand there silently while occasionally nodding.

"Of course he is," one of the other women answered. "Did you say the way she kept giggling and playing with her hair when they made eye contact? That's a young maiden in love."

"Never mind that," another one interrupted. "My question is: what's with that silly mess on the top of his head. Looks very queer if you ask me…"

Ting ding!

'Saved by the bell…'

Jade smiled politely at the ladies before saying, "Excuse me ladies, but there's a customer to attend to."

"Oh, go on dear."

"Please, don't let us keep you."

Turning around to face the door, Jade was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face.

"Mrs Harper, you finally decided to visit." With a brilliant smile, Jade ushered Mrs Harper, the woman whom she had greeted while walking that morning, to one of the nicer seats.

Mrs Harper chuckled. "Well, I know you're working hard here, and the others who have been all said good thing, so as I was walking past, I thought 'Why not?' and here I am."

Jade had a lot of time for Mrs Harper. Unlike some other old women, she was never one to gossip or get involved in cliques; she was warm and welcoming. A retired teacher, she now spent her days helping at community centers and food-banks.

'If I'm half as good as her when I'm her age, I'll surely have lived a good life.'

Ting ding!

While Jade was taking down Mrs Harper's order, the door opened, and another customer entered. As was her habit, Jade glanced up to see how many people had entered and had to do a double take when she saw the young man standing at the door.

'What a pretty boy!'

Naturally, as a professional, Jade did not let that distraction affect Mrs Harper's experience. She dealt with Mrs Harper, and after confirming that there was nothing else, Jade turned to the young man.

The young man with thin, almost weak-looking, but his fair skin and dazzling eyes were enough to make one overlook that. And his face… his face was perfectly symmetrical, smooth, and soft—

'The face of an angel!

'If he didn't look so young, I might have said I had a crush on him.'

Alas, the one downside of the young man was that he looked about fifteen years old—definitely not in Jade's strike zone.

"Hello, sir, what can I get you today?"

The young man mumbled something, but Jade did not catch it.

'He's socially incompetent? You have everything, kid, why do you lack confidence?' Jade smiled. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

The boy looked embarrassed. "My father told me you had a position open here. I believe you spoke to him yesterday about it."

"…" It took a mo

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