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Flinging the door open, Liam leaped out of the car. However, forgetting that his pants were still around his ankles, he fell face first into the floor.

Similarly, Parker jumped out of the car, but without pants around his ankles, he got out successfully.

Parker glanced at Liam who gestured toward the cafe while he hurriedly got up and pulled up his pants.

Understanding his boss' meaning, Parker sprinted to the cafe.

Although the car had not exactly been warm, it had at least sheltered them from the biting wind. Now that he was outside the car, Parker realized how cold that girl must have been when they left her alone to face Frank.

'What was he thinking? Frank is clearly wasted, so why wouldn't Liam go and help her?

'I don't buy what he said earlier. In the end, he's just a coward who can't admit his feelings, scared of being rejected.'

Naturally, Parker knew that Liam could never confess to his feelings, given that he already had a fiancée. However, he needed someone to direct his anger at during this stressful situation.

He knew the truth. Harm had come to an innocent young woman, and it was their fault.

"Frank, let go of me!"

As soon as she was carried into the cafe, a terrible fear gripped Jade, and she started struggling even harder.

"Frank, what the hell are you doing?"

However, Frank seemed to be made of iron and was not moved by her resistance.

He placed her in a seat before turning around to push across the bolt on the front door, locking it.

Turning back around to face Jade, in an earnest and sorrowful voice, he asked, "Why did you sleep with that CEO? Why not me? What does he have that I don't?"

Afraid of angering him further, Jade did not point out the obvious. Instead, she replied, "I swear, I didn't. I've not slept with anyone since…"

"You lie!" Frank interrupted. He slammed his hands down on the table before Jade to convey the fury in his heart. "If you weren't sleeping with him, why would he send that Parker guy?"

"I don't even know a Parker!"

"Humph! Since you refuse to admit it, I guess there's no point pursuing this." Frank teetered to the side before slumping into the chair opposite Jade.

The alcohol was wearing thin, and he was beginning to sober up, but his state still fluctuated between sharp and floundering.

Testing his chin on the table between them, Frank murmured, "Why won't you be honest with me?"

Jade was about to answer that she was being honest when she heard footsteps outside.

'Someone's there… Should I scream for help? No, that will anger Frank—I should make him the one to shout. I need to rile him up.'

With this thought in mind, Jade looked at Frank and asked, "Frank, what is it you want? Why did you bring me here?"

A brilliance glowed from Frank's eyes when he heard that. "Simple. To show you what you're missing by not being with me…"

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