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Warmth & Cold

I took Jake to the Nurse's room to check if he was hurt or not though he didn't wanna go saying he's totally fine.

"Let's go Jake! Don't resist!" I said pushing Jake inside the infirmary.

"Bella I'm totally fine trust me! Look!" Jake said hoping to convince me.

"I'm blind can't see so please show the nurse ok?" I said smiling.

"Oh you stubborn girl!" Jake laughed.

The nurse said he was fine and he wasn't hurt badly because he wasn't feeling any serious pain.

"See I told you!" Jake said looking at me like a smile of victory.

"Yeah! Yeah! But you heard her so you gotta take rest properly alright?" I said making him aware he needed rest.

On our way back Jake had to go back to the library to take care of the situation and have a talk with his superior about the incident. I didn't wanna let him go but he was very serious about his duty so I didn't wanna force him to go back with me.

"Come back home soon ok?" I said worryingly.

"Yes mam! I'll come back as soon as I finish," Jake said smiling his charismatic smile.

I blushed seeing him smile & thinking about what he said to me in the library. I bade him goodbye quickly facing him my back so that he doesn't notice me blushing. But I guess he already did which made him laugh again.

I ran to main gate to save myself from the embarrassment.

"Ack!!" I bumped into someone again and fell down on my knees. Oh god such a bad day!

"Are you alright?" A worried tone asked me with care. Soon I recognized the voice as I looked up to the dark cold colored eyes. It was Rex!

"Bella? Can you stand up?" Rex asked again.

"Oh yes ofcourse..I.... " I was out of words. Why him out of all people. Campus was already empty by then. The sun was setting down which made the sky look like it was on fire. He helped me get up holding my hand with care. I was surprised by the sudden change in his behavior.

"Are you sure you're fine?" He said looking into my eyes.

"I'm really ashamed! Sorry for bumping into you again. I don't know why I bump in to you always," I said facing down.

"Bella!" Rex suddenly hugged me saying my name in a low tone.

I was so much taken by surprise I became speechless. I only uttered his name in fear.

"Forgive me please for treating you like this," He said whispering near my ears. I had no idea what was happening actually.

"Will you forgive me please?" He spoke again blowing a chilly air in my ear.

"Rex it's fine..." I tried to make him understand but his hug became stronger.

"I'm sorry yes thank you," he let me go slowly.

I was looking around us thinking if anyone saw us like this because if someone did I'll be the campus celeb which I surely don't wanna be.

"Can we talk?" Rex said looking at the bench of the nursery of our campus.

"Uh!" I hesitated for a bit.

"Please?" He said again this time looking at my eyes with his brownish alluring eyes. The golden light of the sun fell on his face and hair. He looked like he was prince straight out of a modern fairy tale with his tall figure and eye capturing looks.

It was hard to say no those eyes. He held my hand lightly as we walked on the pebble path inside the nursery. The gardner here takes great care of the nursery. Green everywhere! It felt so peaceful.

He made me sit on the bench and sat beside me.

I was firm as a stone. Not moving an inch because of the awkward situation I was in.

"I..." He started talking with voice full of hesitations and awkwardness.

"I always kept myself away from relationships. Girls disgusts me sometimes because of their clingy attitude and selfish desires," He said looking at the birds who were busy making nest on the branch of a tree.

"My mom....she left...left me and dad a long time ago when I was small. I never got the love and care of a mother. You can say that's why I'm so rude and cold all the time because no one taught me how to love," He said looking blank.


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