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The way I met you was nothing but fate.....

But falling in love with you was my choice.....

Until you became my reason of madness.....

It feels like that all these happened just a few days ago. I was in the final year of high school when I met you. My first love became my last because after that I didn't make the courage to fall in love again.You changed my life upside down. You were a devil in human form and also an angel who loved me.

The story begins five years ago from now~

It was like any other day of my life. I came home after school.I kept my bag on the table, wore comfortable dress and jumped on the bed.I was so tired after the classes.

I was looking at my phone checking all the texts.I'm not added in any social media with my school friends.All the friends there are online friends,far away from me,living in another country.But they are way more better than my real life friends.I am in an Anime public group in Viber app.I love each and every member there.I hope maybe they really love me as much as I love them.The care I have for them is from my heart.They are like family to me.

Suddenly while checking the texts my phone rang!!!It was from a private number.I became a little shocked because my phone never rang and the only people who called me were my parents.I didn't know if I should answer or not.Atlast I answered hoping it was from one of my friends.

I picked up the phone & said hello.But I heard no sound from the other side.I said hello quite a few times but no reply,not even a sound...

I thought it was some connection problem so I cut the call.

It was a 17 second call & all I said was hello and who is there!!

Mom asked, "Who is it?"

I replied," I don't know mum!"

Few days passed after that incident.I thought maybe it was a wrong number.I almost forgot about it.

That day I was texting in the Viber group & a boy who just joined recently wanted my personal number.

I knew why he wanted because he maybe followed me in the group,saw me texting with others,as the group has many followers.

I talked to him for the first time that day & the first thing he wanted was my number.....I was hesitating so much.I still have problems saying no to people.It's a problem I know & I had to learn.....yes I had to learn....

I told the boy that it's not safe to share numbers publicly like this.

But the boy was stubborn he wanted to give me his number instead.

I didn't know what to say & suddenly I got a direct text in my number.

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