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"Oh! I'm so sorry!Are you alright?" I exclaimed while getting hold of myself.

"I'm more than alright," he replied with the brightest smile that I had seen that day & that smile was nobody eles's other than Jake's.

"Jake! It's you! In here!"

I couldn't help but smile back at his smiling face & it also felt great to see a familiar face among all those new people.

"I understood the first day, when I met you that you are a nerd!"

"What?Of course not!" I pouted.

"At the first day of university,students don't visit the library miss! Only nerds do!" He started laughing.

"Yeah right.Great imagination," I laughed too.

"It's experience!" He exclaimed.

"Says a nerd himself," We both laughed.

"So what are you doing here in class hours huh!Skipping classes?" He raised an eye brow.

"What of course not! I have an off period that's why I thought I should check out the library.Besides I'm gonna help here," I replied proving my innocence.

"Hahaha! Yeah I get you.I'm really happy you chose to help in the library because I'm working here too.I'll be looking after you as your senior," He smiled a devilish smile.

"Ok...um senior...." I was little surprised to know that he was my senior.He looked same age as mine so I thought we were in same year and I didn't have any idea we were in the same university.I don't know why but I was kind of happy to know that we were in the same university. It wouldn't be so bad to see a smiley face every morning.

"So were you searching for any book?" He asked.

"No it's fine! Nothing important," I replied peeking a little behind me.But that boy who was sitting there before wasn't there anymore.He must have left the place while me & Jake were talking.

"Well then let's go!"

"What?Where?" I asked being surprised.

"Outside ofcourse! You are not planning to spent the whole day in university,are you?"

"But the rest of the classes?" I wasn't sure if I should go out the first day or not.

"Well no professor will start their lectures today,it's the first day.Besides I'll make you familiar with some of the restaurants over here."

Seeing my confused face he said again,

"I promise it will not hamper your studies and we will come back soon.It won't take much time."

I couldn't say no anymore.

"Ok let's go," I agreed.

We came to a coffee shop which was very close to the university.It was a very decent place and it seemed many students were there as well.

We both sat on a table close to the shop.Jake was thirsty so he ordered water first.

"It's so hot today isn't it?" Jake said looking at me.

"Seems pretty normal to me," I replied looking at the menu.

"Then I guess it's just me feeling hot today!"

"Good for you then," I replied laughing looking at his flirty smile.

"I'll just take off my sweater," He took off his woolen sweater that he was wearing.I was kind of feeling shy suddenly seeing him taking off his clothes though he was wearing a T-shir

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