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Ben's POV

Bella's naive thinking she will catch me. But sometimes I feel like showing myself to her, hold her and ask why did you forget me? You said you will remember me forever. What happened Bella, what changed your mind?

Funny after all what she did to me I still love her so much. It feels like I just met her but it's been so long. Now all I got left is this revenge. I'll make sure I show my love for her by making her pay for what she did.

I texted her back to give her the next clue. Let's make her do something fun.

Bella's POV

I got back Ben's response after few moments.

'Hey where is Helena XD?'

Helena! She went to washroom right. I ran to the ladies washroom and called out Helena's name in the terror.

Empty ! The whole washroom, it's empty. Where is she?! Is Ben just scaring me like last time?!

I texted him back with my shaky hands.

"Where is she Ben?"

He replied back,

'Find the keys, you will find Helena :)'

Keys? What keys!?

" I can't understand anything u saying Ben !"

'I already gave u a clue. Find the keys find Helena' He replied back the same thing.

What key is he talking about?! Suddenly I remembered KEYS!

Mrs Jones!! She's our neighbor. Helena and me sometimes give her the keys of our house if we leave home at different times as we only have one key. So that if me or Helena comes early we can open the door.

But what's Mrs Jones part in it !!

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