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His Entry

Oh god it was that private number again!I was already shocked seeing the number.But what shocked me the most was the text.Someone texted me,

"Don't give him your number.It's a bad idea"

I was kind of scared seeing the text though I completely agreed with my unknown caller.I thought maybe he is a followers of the group so he saw us texting.

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I went back to the boy in the group & told him that I'm older than him probably so I'm not interested & changed the topic of our conversation.

Though I felt bad because he left the group the next day.

I somehow blamed myself for that but it was the right choice.

I'm was thankful to my well wisher on the other side because he gave me courage.

The thought that someone unknown was texting me made me a little excited but still I was scared thinking who is this person! Do I know him! Did he see me somewhere!

I texted back a thank you note to the unknown number but didn't get any reply.I didn't even get that if my text reached that person or not.

Maybe I wanted a reply very bad but I never got it...

I used to check my phone a lot.Waiting to see if that person on the other side really texted me or not.

I got it that my well wisher was very moody or something or maybe I was just too eagar for a reply.

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