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The moment I stepped outside from the London airport I was actually stunned.The place was just amazing and stunning.

It was winter,everyone was wearing warm clothes.I was wearing a red leather jacket,

the one my mom packed for me.

I called for a cab and decided to go to my rented house right away because the place was still unknown to me.But inside I wanted to take pictures and walk around the beautiful streets.

The house dad rented for me, I had to share it with a girl studying in the same university as me.She was one year senior than me though I believed in my heart that I'll get along with as I heard from dad she is a nice person.

I paid the cab driver after reaching the ally where my new flat was and got down from the car.

The place seemed historical to me as I'm not used to seeing these old buildings.I was so excited inside. I wanted to jump up and down.I really became an adult.I couldn't stop myself from giggling.

I started looking for the house where I was supposed to live but all of them looked the same.There wasn't anyone around so I didn't know whom to ask.All the house in that ally had the same number but with different initials like 69A,69B I had no idea which one was mine because I only know that my house number was 69.

Looking for help I came to the main street & there I saw him.He was sitting on the side of the street with a confused look on his face.He looked kind of cute.Our eyes met and I felt shy and looked down.He stood up and came to me with a big smile on his face.I was feeling so shy because I never talked with boys in real life much because I was in a girls' school from childhood.Talking to someone like this was totally a new experience for me.

"Do you need help with anything? I saw you walking on the same street for sometime now," he chuckled.

"Um...yeah...." I laughed nervously.

"You are new here?"

"Yes,I just came here today."

"Student right?University I suppose?"


"Well then um I think we both should pinch each other!"

"Excuse me!!!" I became surprised for what he just said.

"Woah! Don't get me wrong.I was joking because we both are in the same situation. I came here today as well and I can't find my flat!"He said.

"Really!!That's why you were sitting there!!"

I couldn't hold myself anymore I started laughing. The look on his face matched so much with our situation.I couldn't stop laughing.

"Ah yeah!Now it's getting awkward!"he said being shy.

"I'm sorry,I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh.I'm sorry."I tried to cover my mouth with my hand so he doesn't feel like I was still laughing at him.He was very cute looking without any doubt. The big glasses suited him perfectly without any questions. I understood that he was a good student because I got the nerdy vibes from him.He was attractive and if my friends saw him I'm sure they would have asked him for his number.

"So which university are you...." before he could finish I saw Helena coming towards me.She waved her hand at me and called her name.


She came to me while he was standing and looking at both of us.She gave me beautiful smile, I smiled back.'Gosh!! She was pretty!!'

"So already made new friends here I see,"she giggled.

"Hahaha,we just met," I said uncomfortably.

Seeing my situation he took the lead"Well!Hello there.How are you?I'm Jake."

Hearing his name I looked at him.He smiled that beautiful smile again.I thought my cheeks were going red so I looked down to save me from the embarrassment.

"I'm Helena!Nice to meet you too.So never saw you around here!Are you new?"Helena said looking at the baggage in his hand.

"Yep! I just came here today and can't find my flat so I decided to live on the streets,"

He said laughing.

"Well then be sure to put a blanket on yourself at night because it is very cold at night." Helena laughed as well.

Both of them looked so pretty together I couldn't hold myself from not

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