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ena coming towards me.She waved her hand at me and called her name.


She came to me while he was standing and looking at both of us.She gave me beautiful smile, I smiled back.'Gosh!! She was pretty!!'

"So already made new friends here I see,"she giggled.

"Hahaha,we just met," I said uncomfortably.

Seeing my situation he took the lead"Well!Hello there.How are you?I'm Jake."

Hearing his name I looked at him.He smiled that beautiful smile again.I thought my cheeks were going red so I looked down to save me from the embarrassment.

"I'm Helena!Nice to meet you too.So never saw you around here!Are you new?"Helena said looking at the baggage in his hand.

"Yep! I just came here today and can't find my flat so I decided to live on the streets,"

He said laughing.

"Well then be sure to put a blanket on yourself at night because it is very cold at night." Helena laughed as well.

Both of them looked so pretty together I couldn't hold myself from noticing.A perfect example of a perfect couple was right in front of me.I wished it works out.

"Well!I'm really eagar to know something though! I wish I get an answer,"he said looking at me.

"Yes,what is it?"I said politely.

"Your name?"

"My name?"I couldn't help but smile at his eagar face.

"It's...."I was about to say it until Helena stopped me and said,

"Let is be a mystery for now. You will get to know her eventually as you are gonna live in the same neighborhood as us.May I look at your address?"

"Haha yeah! Sure."He handed down a note to Helena.

"It's just across the street 70B. That

house." Helena pointed out to him.

"Oh! I see! Thank a lot Ele,"He smiled that magical smile again.

"Ele huh!Nice"Helena chuckled.

"My pleasure," He laughed,"So till we meet again,Miss Unknown.Take care," He winked.

I became red instantly I tried to cover my eyes with my hand saying "You too,Jake."

I guess my new university life won't be so boring as I thought!

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