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I didn't know the reason of Rex's anger but it seemed he wasn't happy seeing me with this new guy.

I got to know that my partner's name was Josh.He was the captain of the football team and a very happy person.Later on I told Josh my name and got to know more about him.He smiled all day long and made me laugh by cracking his funny jokes.

I didn't see Rex after the partner selection process ended. Ivy became Rex's partner.She was so happy I could see it in her face but Rex....he was looking weird,nor angry or upset,rather emotionless, without any facial reaction he left the class afterwards.

After the class ended I went to put my books in the locker. Josh had practice so he couldn't see me off. I didn't have my after class library duty that day so I decided to walk home because I knew the bus already left for that day because this special class with seniors was after school period.

I got a text from Helena that she can't go home with me as she got engaged in club work.I texted her back that it was completely fine and I can go home by myself.

The sky looked dark,like it was gonna rain soon. I didn't bring umbrella with me because it was not rainy in the morning at all.

I decided to walk fast and reach home before it started raining.The road was almost empty except few people here and there.

I started walking fast suddenly my phone beeped again.I expected it to be Helena but it wasn't!

The text was from an unknown number

"How are you,Bella?"

I didn't recognize the phone number but it was the UK's country code.

I didn't reply as I had no idea who it was but I was surprised to see that this unknown person actually knows my name.Maybe it was someone I knew.

The sky looked darker now and after a few lighting striked, the rain started.I looked for a taxi but I saw none.

I stood under the shed of a deserted gas station.There was no one around and I was kind of happy about it because I was totally drenched and it would be very embarrassing for me if someone saw me like this.

Suddenly my phone beeped again. I took out my phone and I was in no state to receive this kind of text-

You should have waited in the university. Now look at you.You are all wet.

I didn't want another anonymous person in my life again. Ben was enough.I quickly texted Ben.

"Is that you?"

Ben texted back the next minute.

"Yes I'm Ben. How may I help you?"

"Don't joke will you I'm really not in the mood!"

"Why what happened ? Are you alright?"

"Yeah! I'm ..OK.."

I was feeling sad again,alone,shivering in the cold,in foreign country,away from home.I wonder if Ben read my mind.

"Baby you are doing an amazing job you know! You will be just fine.I'm sorry I scared you. I was the one texting you a moment before," His comforting words really comforted me but what surprised me was that he was in UK.

"That means you r here!!! Where are you?" I was crying out of excitement. My eyes were sore to see him and maybe

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