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I didn't get much sleep that night. I was so tensed and worried. I didn't have any idea what Ben could do to me or my friends and family. Love can change angels into devils. Therefore you shouldn't trust anyone because the devil was once an angel too.

"Did you find your phone Helena?" I asked Helena, knowing the answer already.

"Yeah! I found it yesterday!" Helena said with a bright smile.

"What? Where did you find it?" I almost screamed in the bus.

"Shush, Bella. No need to scream you!" She said with a low voice.

" Where did you find it tell me?"

"It was in my bag all the time. I just didn't see it because it was in silent mode!"

"No it can't be!"

"Why?What's up with ya?" Helena said in a tensed voice.

"No nothing. Um but can I see your phone for a second?" I said in hesitations. But I had to see if I could find any information.

As I thought there wasn't any history of Helena sending me texts. Helena was looking at me, raising an eye brow.

"Bells I didn't know you take fancy in other people's texts," She said laughing.

My face became fully red at her comment.

"No no I just wanted to find out if it was really stolen or not hahaha..." I tried my best not to make her suspicious of me. If people know less about Ben it will be easier for me and I can also keep them safe. This is my fight and I need to fight it alone. I can't let anyone get hurt.

That day I had duties in library. I had to collect some books from senior classes and take them to the library. Jake wanted to come and help me but I took Swetha with me because Jake was already busy in arranging the books.

"Bella can you cover this alone I really gotta take this call it's mom," Swetha told me showing her phone.

"Good luck! Don't worry I'll take care of it," I said in a teasing way.

"I'll be joining you soon!"

"Take your time," I started walking towards the classrooms of the seniors.

'Class A-2' this is where I had to go which was on 2nd floor. I asked some students and found the classroom at last. But I was a little worried seeing the all the books now that I had to carry. Oh well but I gotta do what I gotta do. I can do it. I picked up the large pile of books and started walking to the library.

I had to get down from the 2nd floor because the Library was on the ground floor. I slowly started getting down from the stairs carrying the heavy books. The books were too many and it was totally covering my eyes. I couldn't even see what was in front of me.

Suddenly I bumped with someone on the last step of the stair and fell down with all the books. But I landed on something soft because it didn't feel like floor. When I looked up I saw a dark pair of almond colored eyes were giving me a dark look. It was Rex! God why him!

I accidentally fell on him with all the books, he must have gotten hurt very bad. I could sense that from the dark look he was giving.

"Rex I am.." I couldn't finish my sentence before that he pulled me by my hand and made me stand.

"What is your problem? HUH! Can't you leave me alone and let me live in peace?" He said in a cold stoned voice.

"I'm sorry! I just didn't see because...."

"Don't give me excuses please. I know girly schemes!" He said with a disturbed mood.

"I'm really sorr..." I was about to cry. I felt really ashamed of myself.

"OK listen I didn't mean to..." before Rex could finish I heard Jake calling my name. I looked back and found Jake coming towards us, giving Rex a deadly look.


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