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"Ben are you really here?" I literally screamed, "Please stop playing games with me, please!!!"

I felt my hot tears running down my cheeks.I was sad but why??I should be happy right.I was gonna meet him then why was I sad,afraid,tired.....

I didn't see anyone but a voice from behind somehow shocked me.

"Hey baby why are you screaming? Do you really wanna play games with us now?"

I saw three weird looking ruthless man were coming towards me.They all looked like bikers.One of them even had a big scar on his face.I was so not ready for that & I was no princess waiting to be saved by my prince,riding on a white horse.

I made my voice sound heavy and replied with anger,

"I'm sorry to let you know I'm not interested so just back off for your own good."

I knew showing too much confidence is bad but I had no other choice either except that. I couldn't fall weak. I couldn't....

I tried to find my pepper spray that my friend gave me while leaving my country for security reasons.I wasn't paying attention then but then I understood how much I needed it.

Outside I was showing I was strong but inside I was breaking thinking that Ben really didn't come to help me in this situation.

Suddenly the sacred man came running towards me....I ran to the main road and slipped hurting my head because a car was almost gonna run over me.

The black Mercedes Benz stopped right in front of my face.My head was hurting so much and I thought I was hallucinating. Lying on the road,I saw someone getting out of the car.He was wearing black sport shoes.I attempted to look up and see his face.I did see him but it was so dark,my vision got blurred. It was dark...so dark..my senses....I understood I was losing consciousness.

The rain drops felt like sharp blades,each drop cutting my skin deeply....more deeply....

Ben you didn't come...you didn't come to save me....or did you....

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