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#Bella's POV (point of view)

"Bella! Bella! Wake up are you OK?"

Helena's voice waked me up from the nightmare which I was having...

She was shaking me so that I wake up, with fear in her face.

"Helena!" I hugged her tight. "Are you alright? Ben said, he said he will, destroy everything I love, I care, I ..." I was running out of breath while telling her what Ben just said to me but I soon I realized it was just a dream....

"You were seeing a bad dream Bella, everything is all right...don't worry OK?"

Helena said patting my head, "Did you eat anything u must be hungry! Let me make something for u to eat,"

"Thank u Ele....," I said hiding my crying face on her sweater.

I only had water in Jake's car, didnt take lucnh after I came back.

I checked the time on the clock it was already 17:30 pm. I had to get ready to go out with the girls.

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I checked the phone before I got up to eat. The last call was from Jake. So I was definitely dreaming.

#Ben's POV

It was so nice to hear her voice again. I couldn't stop myself from calling her. I was missing her a lot. I hope I didn't scare her too much.

But she kinda deserved it after what she did to me. She also forgot about past and our promises. She said she will remember me forever then why she did this to me....

I opened my phone to see her photo again. She looks so happy nowadays with this Jake character, doesn't even think about me anymore. It's true I kinda made her think I was a bad guy who wanted to take advantage of her but I did it only so that I could keep her only with me, maybe punish her a little for what she did but still I would have kept her safe, especially from her parents. Those wicked people... pfft...

I ran my hand on my hair out of frustration. The waiter girl came again with a bright smile stuck on her face. "Do you need anything else? If u need anything feel free to tell me." She said in a sweet voice.

I don't understand this is the 2nd time she came. Is she trying to flirt with me or something.

"No.." I kept my reply short, putting the cigarette on the ash tray and destroying it. I guess she got the msg I'm not interested. She left quickly after looking at my eyes.

I picked up the coffee mug and took a sip. I opened my laptop and typed the last column of the practical which was I couldn't finish yesterday night. Damn studying something what u don't like is hard. I'm only doing it for Bella so that I can be close to her.

Fuck! I accidentally spilled the coffee on my laptop. While I was wiping it I saw the girls in my front table giggling at me.

The girl in the middle smiled at me looking at my eyes...

I stopped wiping, wore my shades n got up from the table taking my backpack with me.

I seriously don't want unwanted attention. Any girl expect her doesn't interest me.

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