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After coming back from university that day, I felt so tired I fell asleep immediately when I came home. I didn't even remember to text Ben as I was busy all day. The next morning the first thing I remembered was him. I quickly searched my phone but I was upset to see that Ben didn't text me all day except a good morning and a good night message.

I didn't understand why he didn't text because he never acted like this. I decided to call him but stopped thinking that he might be busy so I should not disturb him. I guess I was upset inside, thinking that he didn't remember me all day.

Rex didn't use bus that day. Helena said he usually uses his own car to the university. I was still upset about Ben so I couldn't think about anything except that.

The classes were going great though. The professors seems very friendly and caring. I was lucky enough to make two new friends,Chris & Swetha.

Later on,in the last period we had to go to the senior section for our class with the senior students. Our class was divided into two parts. I was happy for with the fact that Chris and Swetha were with me. They also introduced me to two new girls, Samantha and Ivy.

They both seemed more like gossip girls but very cheerful. It was a,great feeling getting all the positive vibes from them. I almost forgot the fact that I was sad thinking about Ben.

Meanwhile a lady of forty entered our class, I guessed she was our professor of the social class. She coughed and then started giving us her introduction.

"It's very nice to meet all these new faces. Welcome to the senior section. I'm Miss Gabriel, you may call me by that name. This is the first time we decided to take one class where juniors and seniors will be together," she continued, "Please keep in mind to behave yourself & consider ypurself lucky as you are getting this valuable chance to gain knowledge,along with the chance to improve social skills."

Ivy was sitting beside me,she winced at me,hearing Miss Gabriel's lecture. I just answered her back giving her a confused smile as Miss Gabriel continued,

" I hope all of you understood my point. Best of luck all of you."

As soon as Miss Gabriel finished, I saw students entering our classroom as I guessed they were probably seniors because Rex was also one of them.

As he was entering I could hear the girls talking to themselves as expected.

Ivy and Samantha was so happy I didn't need to look at them to understand that because they slightly screamed when he entered.

They were other seniors too but I was actually searching Helena among them but unfortunately I didn't see her.

There were some seat reserved for the seniors, they sat there. Miss Gabriel said we will have to work in a pair with the seniors as we will be given different kinds of assignments. I really needed Helena here with me because like every other story I didn't wanna sit beside the most famous guy in the class who was none other than Rex.

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