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Ben's POV

Naive haha I laughed thinking about Bella. She loved my cat so much. She used to pat muffin all the time instead of talking to me.

She forgot everything didn't she. Anger crushed the coke can that I had in my left hand.

Funny me and my so called brother, we both are lefty. I guess Bella forgot it too. As long as she doesn't remember anything it will be easy for me to take revenge. But even if she remembers back everything it won't really help her either because I'm nothing like before. Not even my looks. Everything burned down in that fire. The fire u pushed me into Bella.

I really gotta focus on other stuff in my life. I keep thinking about Bella 24/7 it's making me paranoid. But there isn't much left in my life without my revenge. It's just u Bella... just you and my revenge.

Bella's POV

I left the movie theater and came to our neighborhood getting a taxi. Mrs Jones probably in home now. I was worried about her. What if Ben did something to her too!

I wanted to stay positive and rang her door bell.

Luckily I heard Mrs Jones's voice that she was coming. Usually when she opens the door her cat peeks too along with her and I pick it up to pat it's head. But I didn't see it this time.

"Mrs Jones you alright?", I asked being worried.

"Yes dear, you ok ? U look worried!" She said looking at my facial expression.

"Haha no I'm fine. Just thought about checking how you were," I tried to hide it.

"Isn't Helena with you? Where is she?"

I didn't know what to ans to her question.

"Oh she went somewhere my phone didn't have charge so I couldn't contact her," I made up a lie.

"Oh no I see. I can't also find my cat from the afternoon. I wonder where it went. It never stayed out of home for this long," she said with worry on her face.

"Damn! OK u don't worry I'll look for it Mrs Jones. I'll walk around a bit to find Gold," I tried to console her.

"Thank you dear. I pray u find it," She gave a pat on my shoulder.

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Suddenly my phone beeped. Ugh why now?

"Oh lol, it seems my phone isn't dead yet!" I laughed nervously checking my text, it was from Ben.

'U know lying is a bad thing Bella XD'

i texted back , 'Shut up'

"haha it's OK dear," Mrs Jones replied back.

"OK I'll go find Gold , take care Mrs Jones" I left in a hurry.

I texted Ben back, "Did u take the cat? Where is it?"

'I already told u Bella, Curiosity killed the cat X)'

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