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New Friends

As I entered my new house I was amazed by the beautiful paintings and the decorations which Helena did.

I was surprised to know that she is such a great artist but not an art student.

She had undoubtedly mesmerizing talents in drawing and the most happy thing for me was that this talented girl she was my new friend.

She showed me her room.My room had a beautiful balcony which faced the south.There weren't so many high rising buildings around so the place was nice and perfect for me.Far away from the busy main roads and peaceful environment was the type of place I always looked for.

Helena brought food from outside for that day because she couldn't cook.After having dinner I called mom and dad and went straight to bed because I had university the next day.

Suddenly I remembered I haven't called Ben the whole day.He must be so worried.

I checked my phone.I saw he texted me but he didn't call.I pouted a little thinking that he didn't even call once to check on me.

He was online so I texted,

"Oh seems like u found a new gf so u forgot abt me!"

"Awww! Did u miss me then?"he exclaimed.

"No I didn't.I didn't even remember u until now." I lied.I remembered him the whole journey but after that I didn't even have the chance to text back.

"Baby I'm sry I was just busy in sth,"he wrote back.

"Why!Did sth happen?"

"No I'm perfectly fine just had to make some arrangements."

"Arrangements for what?"

"Nothing important.So how was ur day?"he tried to change the topic so I didn't force him to tell me.I respected his personal life.I couldn't interfere it.

"Well at 1st I couldn't even find my own house!" I replied.

"What really XD"

"Well I'm totally new here!!Don't laugh abt it

(๑´• ₃ •̀๑)"

"Aww haha ok thn how did u find ur house?Did a stranger help u?" As he mentioned stranger I suddenly remembered Jake's face and my face became red.

"Haha no I found Helena!"

"Ah really then u r not lying :)?"

"Ofc not.Why will I lie?"

"K thn I love you :)"

"I love u too ><"

"Can I cuddle u :)?"

"Yes sure Mr in ur dreams!!" I giggled.

"I'll do more stuff than that :)"

"Ahem! Excuse me plz I need to go to sleep cuz tmr is the big day!So gn pervert!"

"Sleep well baby :) I'll have a good night sleep looking at u :)"

"Sure best of luck!" I laughed.

While going to sleep I thought about the fact that I never saw Ben and he didn't see me either.It really didn't matter to us because it was never about the looks between us.All it mattered was the love that we had between us.

The next morning I woke up early. I prayed to God as it was my first day to university. I was a little scared as well.Thank God Helena was there to help me.Having someone as her as my friend was really helpful.

We got up in the first bus to the university. I guess there were many university students with us in the same bus as Helena said hi to many.She seemed very popular.

Some boys were peaking at me and laughing.It was kind of embarrassing.I met a few people and sat beside Helena.

Suddenly the bus stopped on the middle of the road and a boy who was standing beside the road got up in the bus.

As he came inside we all couldn't help but notice how pretty the boy was.He got in and sat on the first seat behind the bus driver which was empty.

"Isn't he good looking?"

"Aaa..um...haha yeah..." I was suddenly caught off guard by Helena.

"He is a basketball player.The best in our institute," She smiled while telling me about him.

I kept listening being shy and blushing. Helena knew a lot about the university as well as the students.She also gave me some advices about studying.

As we reached the university the pretty boy got off the bus first.I came to know from Helena that his name is Rex Jones.He is the only son of the Jones family,one of the founders of the university.His dad is a very well known business man in UK so he gets a lot of advantages and everyone

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