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*As the cold winds blows and shivers me, I hear his whispers, "Mine... "*


I eagerly opened the gift box & I almost screamed seeing what was inside. It was that thing which I wanted for a long time.

The beautiful camera with purple straps was exactly the gift that I wanted to buy for myself.Each year my parents asked me what did I want for my birthday but I never asked for anything from them because I liked to get things from my own money.

I was saving money for a long time to buy this camera.I couldn't believe it was right in front of me but the unbelievable thing was I never told him that I needed a camera for my birthday but he guessed it because he knew I loved photography.

I didn't know how to thank him.....

I didn't know what to say.....

Tears were coming out of eyes thinking how can someone understand me so well.He knew what I was thinking. He knew what I needed without even telling him about it.He cared, he loved.He was perfect! Just perfect & I found this perfect guy.I was lucky! So lucky!

There were other things inside the box but I was only checking out my brand new camera.I loved every bit of it.

Suddenly my phone rang & I jumped at the sound of it.It was his call but I was too shy to pick it up.What if he hates my voice & what if he doesn't talk to me anymore.....I didn't wanna think anything else...

I picked up the phone & said hello being unprepared but the other person talking to me was well prepared because it was charming & well synchronized.

"Did u like the gifts?"he said in his charismatic voice.

I became so shy I didn't even know how to thank him.I replied nervously,

"Umm...ye.. yes"

"Um you sure cause you don't sound like it"

"Um no no!What!! I loved it!!" I exclaimed.


I heard him laughing.Damn it was so beautiful. I was afraid that if he hears my laugh he will probably jump off his roof right now because it was that bad.

So I just smiled.I hope he didn't hear me smiling because it's impossible to hear someone smiling right or was it impossible for others but possible for him!I don't know because the next thing he said really warmed my heart!

"I wanna hear you laugh because I know your laugh is just beautiful! I want you to laugh so that it echos in my house & fills it with happiness & I promise you on your birthday to keep you laughing like this always.It's a promise I will never break as long as you are with me.I love You!"

I felt like crying but I held my tears back so that my voice don't crack but it was no use I tried to talk but no sound came out of my mouth.

He understood it.....he understood how happy I was as well.....

"You don't have to worry about anything.You are mine & I'll take care of you baby. I'm never gonna let you get hurt,sad or upset as long as your with me.

I'll fuck everyone if anyone ever hurts you.I don't care even if it's your parents.You are getting me right."

"Uhmm but I do love my parents so don't go near them Mr!" I said giggling.

"Oh really huh!" He laughed as well,"But I love you more than anything else,anyone else.So you are mine forever.Keep it in mind that I don't share my things OK.I love you so much I never wanna hurt you."

He was a great charmer I got that from his way of talking.He was a magician.A magician of words.If you hear him talking you will just want to him to talk relentlessly without stopping. He was that good.

I heard guiter strings playing softly.

He said,"My lady! So here I present you your favorite song.I hope you enjoy it.From this birthday to your every next birthday you r mine & mine only! I love You! Happy Birthday Baby!"

He started playing the strings of his guitar.I could hear it clearly.I could hear each & every note beautiful notes that he played.It was from my favorite song 'A Thousand Years'.

I forgot the fact that he never told me he played guitar..... I forgot the fact I never saw this guy.....I forgot the fact that I didn't

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