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Uncovering the past~

Bella's POV

After eating the sandwich Helena made for me I went to my closet to choose a dress for our evening get together.

I wanted to wear my black dress that my dad gifted me in my last birthday. Suddenly my eyes got stuck in the dress with purple laces. This was once my most favorite dress. The dress which Ben gave me in my birthday. I remember putting it in here that if Ben visits me I'll wear this for him.

"Bella u getting ready right ?" I heard Helena's voice from behind me.

"Yeah Helena.." I looked back and found her standing near my room's door.

"Wow what a nice dress!" She commented looking at the purple dress I was holding.

"Ah yeah ..." I tried not to talk about it.

It would only make me sad if I thought about it. Besides I didn't wanna explain to Helena about the dress.

"You should wear it!" Helena said being amazed at the dress.

"No! I'll wear something else Ele. I don't like this dress much. I'll give it away soon ." She doesn't know who gave me this dress or she would never tell me to wear it. If I wanted I could get rid of the dress but I didn't because I didn't wanna erase the good memories with him that I had.

I'm foolish when it comes to decisions about Ben. He's no good for me after all.

I quickly picked up the black dress and shut the closet in a hurry.

"OK see u in few minutes," I said to Helena and went inside my dressing room and got changed.

"Bella! How am I looking ?" I got surprised Helena suddenly calling my name!

"Helena!" I said in a shock.

"What? Am I not looking good?"

She was wearing the purple dress that Ben gave me.

"Why did you wear this Ele!" I said being afraid of the consequences.

"Why not? You were gonna gave it away anyway!" She pouted.

"Yeah but ...." I didn't know what to say.

"Let's go silly. We are already late,"

She said in a hurry while wearing her purple shoes. She was looking amazing in the dress.

But she didn't know who gave this to me.

Ben wouldn't know will he. I mean he might not even remember. I gave her my overcoat so the dress gets covered a little.

When we reached our decided restaurant it was already evening and others already came. I sat beside Swetha after giving Chrys a hug.

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"How are u doing? I heard u had to go to home early for suddenly becoming sick in university?" Swetha asked being worried.

"Haha yeah I felt dizzy so went home..." I seriously wouldn't tell her that Ben was with me which caused this.

"Girls we are gonna have a special guest with us today...."Chrys said mysteriously.

"Who's it again?" Swetha asked smiling a bit.

"Well she can read the future!" Chrys said smirking.

"What?!" I laughed.

"Hey don't think I'm lying. You guys will see when she comes!" Chrys pouted.

"Talking about me huh?" A beautiful lady like voice said from behind me.

I looked back and saw a beautiful lady in a black over coat.

"Hello girls!" She greeted us and sat in front of me looking at my eyes.

"Nice we are wearing matching clothes!" She said smiling a seductive smile which made me blush.

"Yeah ...." I said in a low voice being shy.

"Well girls here is the guest I was talking about. Her name is Sora. She's good in reading tarot cards. I met her in a cultural event near my place," Chrys said being proud.

"Ah I see. So you can really tell about a person's future?" Swetha asked being curious.

"I can only tell you what's surrounding you. The future depends on you, on what you choose," She said in a mystery.

"Bella will try!" Helena said looking at me.

"Bella, what a beautiful name..." Sora looked at my eyes again.

Her eyes have a beautiful purple color in it. It made her eyes more beautiful. I looked down being shy again.

"Thanks Sora.."

"Shall we start?" She asked.

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