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Jake dropped me in my home and left for university again. He said he had some work to do for the coming graduation party.

"Why did you come to my home by the way Jake?" I asked him when we were on my way home.

I felt he kind of got startled by the sudden question or maybe I got it wrong.

"Oh I got worried about you. I heard you got senseless in the old art building," Jake said in a calm tone, "What happened Bella?"

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I knew he was reffering to all the stuff that's been happening to me. I didn't know if I should really tell Jake about Ben yet. This could put Jake in danger and make him his target but Jake was already in trouble because he loved me. I was bearing a curse for which I could not love anyone. Loving Jake instead of Ben will be life threatening for both of us.

I put my hand on Jake's hand which was in the gear. He looked at me with a cute smile on his face which made me forget all the worries that I had for a moment. But yes I had to tell him or I'll be lying to him and put him in danger.

When I rang the bell of our Helena opened the door and grabbed my hand and shut the door on Jake's face without saying a word to him. I could see Jake waving goodbye to as the Helena was closing the door in a hurry.

"OK miss listen now! U better tell me everything! By now I mean now!" Helena's voice cracked out of excitement.

"I will,don't worry!" I tried to calm her down.

"Worry? How can I not worry! U got lost in the middle of nowhere. U left me a hand note to call u in an unknown number in a certain time. What is all this?"

Helena handed me a hand written note which almost made my eyes pop out. I saw that it was my handwriting which told Helena to call an number exactly at 15 o'clock in the afternoon.

But which surprised me more was that it was actually my hand writing written on the note.

My hands started shaking, I was trying to remember if I really forgot writing all this. Am I really forgetting parts of my life!

"Bella, are you alright?" Helena kept her hand in my shaking hands.

"I'm fine Helena. Please don't be worried about me ok?" I tried to fake a smile but I guess it couldn't fool Helena.

"Bella tell me everything please. You can trust me," Helena gave me a hug, "By the way your coffee was very salty..."

"Huh?"I exclaimed in surprise,"Coffee?"

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