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"Why me?NO!NOOO!!" I screamed while squashing the roses under my feet. I can never forgive myself if something happens to Helena. Ben was a physco, a freak, he wouldn't care about what I want, what I care for. He will only do what he wants and now he wants to see me desperate, in pain. Is it because I decided to move on! Is it because I wanted to forget him and start a new life! Don't I have the right to stay happy!

I sat there crying leaning on my locker and heads inside my legs. I never faced such situation where I felt so weak, so miserable. Ben has gifted me the most beautiful memory of my life and also making me face the worst situations possible.

Suddenly my phone rang, the call was from Helena's number. I was surprised I didn't think he would call me. Maybe seeing me crying like this made him a little soft....

"Hello," I said in a sore voice. I was already so tired from all this, I was badly hurt inside.

"I love you" He said in a vibrant voice which made me shiver in pain.

"I want nothing from you, absolutely nothing," I said fighting the tears that were about to drop from my eyes.

"Bella, you brought this upon yourself. I wanted this day to be special. Now look what you did,"

He said in an upsetting tone.

I said nothing because it was getting hard for me to response. I heard his voice after such a long time and I never expected it will be in this kind of situation.

"Ben! Plea..." I tried to talk but it only came out as a whisper.

"Shushhhhhhh....Say nothing...." He said in his charming voice, "Lemme enjoy your silence, your grief, for only I....and only I have the right over your everything."

"You are hurting me, Ben...You're hurting me," I tried my best to make him stop this.

"You've seen my love but you've been a very bad girl Bella...So now you will see my punishment," He laughed devilishly with his attractive voice.

He was a charming devil by which you get anticipated to become possessed. But once get possessed by him there is no going back, no way out.

I was spaced out untill I heard someone calling my name which made me realize he hanged up a long time ago.

I stood up on my feet when I saw Helena was coming to me. I was feeling such a relief to see her which I hardly felt in a long time.

"Where were you gone? Are you alright? Did someone hurt you? I cried while hugging her tightly asking about everything.

"Yes I'm fine! But you don't seem ok? What happened?" She asked in a concerned voice.

"I'm fine....I'm ok. You were not picking up your phone, I became worried and one of my classmate just faced an accident in front of me I was ...I was just standing... I ..." I started stammering in nervousness.

"Ok! Ok ! You calm down first. As long as you are alright there is nothing to worry. I couldn't find my phone from this morning. I searched everywhere, even my friends searched too. But I found it nowhere so yeah sad!" She said in one breath.

"Oh yeah! Your friend Jake came to look for you. He wanted to talk to you about something. But didn't find you after classes so he came to check if your with me," She said giving me the look.

"Oh,Jake! Yeah. He must be worried" I said still thinking about all the stuff that just happened.

What was he planning next! What was his motive!I don't wanna see anyone get hurt. Not especially because of me.

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