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Miss Gabiel said that our partners will be selected by picking a coupon where there will be roll numbers of the seniors.This seemed a little bit childish to me as we were university student but we were following rules of preliminary school.

I was sitting on the second bench of the second row. So soon it was my turn to pick up a coupon.

As I walked slowly to get a coupon my eyes unwillingly looked at Rex and my heart skipped a beat because I saw that he was looking at me too. I quickly looked away and concentrated in Miss Gabriel. Rex still didn't find his partner but I was hoping it was not me.

"So are you scared?" Miss Gabriel said looking at me through her glasses.

"No mam. I'm fine thank you," I tried to make myself believe as well,hiding my hesitations.

As I was picking up the coupon I really felt weird without any reason. I picked one & gave it to Miss Gabriel without even seeing the number on it. Miss Gabriel smiled and told me he is sitting on the third row fifth bench and told me to go and sit beside him.

As I turned to look for my partner I just saw that Rex was actually sitting on the third row. But he was looking directly at me this time, with anger in his eyes. It looked like he was just holding himself somehow or he would have done something to me by now. I had no idea why he was so angry at me. There wasn't any reason either.

Looking down I started counting the fifth bench and to my greatest surprise I stopped just before Rex's bench.

Before I could see the person sitting on the fifth bench someone hugged me tightly. I was utterly surprised I didn't know what to say.

"Heyyyyy!!! I'm so happy to meet you. What is your name? I guess you are still scared huh ?Don't worry.Well I'm your protector now.You are my responsibility,"

I had to look up to see the tall and huge person standing in front of me. He was a guy with a hard build figure & brown hair.His dark eyes were emitting the most positive vibes which was a sight to watch.

Before I could open my mouth to say my name he hugged me again.

"I already like you. You are great," He said smiling, showing me all the teeth he had.

I couldn't help but laugh at his innocent behavior.

"Hahaha! Believe me you are awesome as well. Nice to meet you as well," Rex flinched looking at me as I replied, breaking the pencil he was playing with using his one hand.

I was already hearing gossips behind me. I sat beside the new guy, smiling, being happy that my partner wasn't Rex at last.

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