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Discovering Love

I discovered myself in a soft warm bed when I opened my eyes.It was the time of sunset I guessed as the sunlight was a very dim.I was in an unknown person's bed but I wasn't feeling worried.The place felt safe somehow and I was ready to believe that it really was.There wasn't a lot of things inside the room.A big bookshelf with lots of books in it caught my attention most importantly as I was book lover.I stood up though I was feeling a little dizzy.What happened to me were coming back to me like flashes. Thinking I'll find my savior I came out of the room finding a similar face with an enchanting smile.

"You up?Good morning to you then I guess!" He said with the biggest smile on his face.

Jake!!!I saw a white cat running around him like an obedient puppy.

"I don't know how to thank you!Thanks for helping me again."

"You should be thanking God actually.I didn't do anything.I simply brought you home,"

"Where did you find me exactly?"

"You were lying on the road I saw you when I was going home after ending my library shift.You seemed senseless..."

"Yes I fell and hurt my head."

I was surprised cause he said nothing about the thugs that were after me.I wanted to ask but I waited for him to say it first.But to my greatest surprise he didn't.

"I don't understand Bella! What happened?"

"I'm just lucky you found me Jake! I accidentally slipped on the road and hurt my head I remember nothing after that!"

He didn't seem satisfied with my answer but he didn't say anything else.

"Feel free to tell me anything Bells!"

"Bells!" I exclaimed, "How do you know my name again?"

"Princess it's written in your Student ID card.Sorry I peaked a little," he said smiling notoriously.

"It's alright. I don't mind it my prince in shining armor," I started laughing hiding the storm that was happening inside me.

Who was the person who saved me actually. Do I even know him.If it was really Jake then why is he gonna hide the fact that he actually saved me.

I had a lot of questions.....

"So what can I make for you?You want anything to eat?"

"No I'm not hungry Jake.Did you inform Helena?" I was worried if Helena was searching me.

"Yes I didn't have her number but I got it from a friend. I informed her don't worry.She is on her way here."

"Thank you again...I..."

I was breaking badly inside.I was thinking how messed up my life had become.Who were those people and where was Ben.Was he the person who sent all those thugs.He knew I was there then why?Is he really the person I fell in love with....I didn't know I was crying until Jake hugged me and said

"No more crying!"

He was warm,warm like the sunrise in the morning. He was unknown to me but felt more safe than anyone else.I never hugged an unknown boy in my life but I finally got the courage to wrap my arms around him.

I felt sad,betrayed.... It was hard for me to stop my tears....

"You were crying while you were unconscious....What's wrong... Comn on tell me Bells."

I was feeling a little embarrassed thinking if I said something about loving Ben or something like that.

"Don't worry you didn't say anything embarrassing except please don't leave me,please!!"

He started laughing.

I was like,"Wait I really said that!!"

"Yes you did."

"No of course I didn't."

"You have no idea what you said."

"Shut up Jake!I didn't"I exclaimed blushing.

"Hahaha" He was laughing again and I finally got in my senses that I was laughing with him to while hugging him.

'Damn am I in love with this naughty devil?'

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